Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 72 in Lufkin, Texas (3-30-15)

Hey Everybody
today was a crazy week. Monday night the told us about a meeting in Dallas for all of the district leaders on Thursday, and since my companion is a district leader they sent him. i couldn't go so i went on an exchange with the Henderson district leader. we exchanged on Wednesday night. and my companion and the district leader in Henderson went to Longview to stay with the zone leaders so they could wake up early and leave for Dallas. At 4:00 the assistance called a missionary companionship in Nacagdouches and wanted him to go to Dallas so he had to cancel all of his plans for the day drive to Henderson wake us up and take us to a place called Kilgore to meet up with the zone leaders so he could go to the meeting with him and i got put in a Trio and we headed back to Henderson to work. the meeting for my companion was from 9-4, but it went longer and ended at 5. then the mission president told them to have a zone meeting about what was taught the next day. so i had to sleep another night in Henderson and we went to Longview the next morning for the zone meeting and then left around 1 and didn't return to Lufkin until 3. my companion had driven 600 miles in three days and he was exhausted. we were both exhausted. 

We got a new video to show people. it is called #becausehelives it is an awesome video to get us prepared for Easter. you should go and watch it and fill in the blank "Because He Lives........."

i cant wait for this general conference. #missionarysuperbowl
Miles driven in March

New Sunglasses

Exchanges this week

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