Monday, October 28, 2013

1st day in Dallas Texas

We received this email stating Jesse has arrived safely in Dallas, Texas!

Dear Family:

This is just a short message to let you know that your missionary has arrived here in Dallas and is already busy working.

A large group of 22 missionaries arrived this morning, ate lunch on the way from the airport, and stopped at the Dallas Temple to take pictures.  From there they were in training all afternoon, and will spend the evening "finding".  They will stay the night in apartments near the mission office, and meet again in the morning for more training and to meet their first companion and trainer.  Before noon, they will be out working and learning their new area.

We are delighted to have such a good group of missionaries here in the Texas Dallas Mission.  You will receive a letter from the mission office in the mail later on telling you exactly where they are serving in their first area and who their companion is.  You will not hear from your missionary this week, but Monday is their preparation day and they will be able to email you and tell you about their first week in the mission.

Thank you for sending your missionary out.  We are anxious to get to know each of them.

With President and Sister Durrant at the Dallas, Texas Temple

The 22 missionaries who arrived with Jesse today.  The sister in the purple skirt, Sister M**** was in Jesse's 1st grade class.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Week in the MTC

     Wow I am almost done. Well with the MTC at least. 
     Here is my crazy story for the week. Our district has a goal to speak 100 percent Spanish during the day except during companion study and gym and in class when we are talking about holy things. If we do, we were promised by our teacher to receive the gift of tongues and that he would give us tacos. I have been doing pretty well. I am in the 90 percent for myself and I have hit that 100 percent in two days. This week, two days ago everyone got that 100 mark except for the hermanas and we kind of got upset. It has happened a couple times ago like last week we got 96 percent as a class and there was complaining but it stopped after that. Anyway, so two days ago we kept reminding them during the day to speak Spanish and everyone was doing it.  We decided to do a pre-class check on who did it. Everyone was 100 hundred except for the hermanas. So there was complaining and we were saying that we had one last try.  There was a lot of groaning (sorry for the spelling error these Spanish computers only have Spanish spelling check. and i am just a bad speller.) we would have just stopped at that but then one of the hermanas said are you doing this for the gift of tongues or are you doing this for the tacos. Then my district got really upset for what she said and there was even more yelling. Then she said that she won't even try now. Then she and her companion left the room. Then the district started complaining and they were right outside the door. So now they hate us. 
     We then went to TRC  and we taught other missionaries that were on their 6th week. Our teacher before hand told us that we need to be patient with them because they don't know Spanish. He said that they speak English even in their prayers. Then we taught them. I am glad that I have been speaking as much Spanish as I know because I can now see the blessings that I am receiving. Then after that, we went to class and we apologized and said that we would complete the goal tomorrow.  
     The next day rolls around and we are in the tienda and we see the hermanas speaking English and we told them to speak Spanish. They turned to us and said that hermano s****, our teacher, said that he is not aloud to give us tacos. Oh ya it is the good street tacos. Then they kept speaking English. wow. Then after that during class our teacher gave us a therapy session and we all apologized again. there is still contention between them and us but they are less contentious with me and elder m**** because we didn't say anything about them.
     Hermano S**** is trying to get his friend who is a girl to come on Saturday so we can teach her. If she does come it will be hard because she doesnt know English, she is not a mormom and she doesnt believe in God. He showed us her facebook page. Then he showed us his facebook page and then we looked at our facebook pages. BTW mom get on my facebook and friend C**** S**** . He gave us his email . D**** because that is his nick name and t**** because he loves britney spears and she sings a song called toxic. His girlfriends name is P****. She will be my first real investigator.
Well that is it for the week. As of right now I leave here on Monday at 8:30.
thank you,
Elder Jorgensen
Hermano S**** on the right

My Classroom
Class mates

New Haircut (I don't know how to rotate the pic sorry)

Signs that are in the Computer Lab at the MTC

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Another week in the MTC

     So this is my second to last week here. I can honestly say that I'm not sad that im leaving. It's not that it hasn't been a great experience. It is just that I'm tired of all the classes. I can't wait to go to the field. 
     The days are kind of all meshing together. Right now all the days feel the same because we do the same thing every day. 
     The only really interesting thing that has happened was one of the elders in my district twisted his anckle and they took him to the hostbitle (We teased him of his spelling.  He said that his Spanish and English were meshing together.  That's a good thing right?). Only he and his companion  went to the hostbitle. One funny thing though was that he looks kind of Latino and everyone at the hostbitle thought that he could speak fluently. He can't yet. Nothing is really wrong with him he just has calcium buildup from past injuries. He is in a big boot right now. He was in a wheel chair for three days. Then the doctor here told him he can be out of it. He just can't run on it or work it hard. 
That was my week here.  

Thank you all for writing,
Elder Jorgensen

Picutres of the Mexico City Temple

Random pictures on the way to the temple

Cars that are lined up to make a left turn or u-turn.  They just keep going around each other and go when they want.

Pictures of the Elders and Sisters that are in class together.  They aren't all in the same district, but play soccer with them. 

                           Jesse sent Taylor some pictures for her birthday of the police or military

Thursday, October 10, 2013


     I am always so happy when p day comes around. We like to think of PDAY as Christmas because we kind of get the day off and we get to go to the temple and also we get to email. The email is our favorite part of the day. 
     I do have some exiting news. I have run twice since I got here. I lied about it being exiting but I have ran twice. The run was once around the campus and about 1.5 miles. We had to get up at 5:30. That is the reason we only ran twice. I was so tired the rest of the day. 
     To answer some questions The first time I went to the Mexico City temple they had English headphones for your first time. Today however I had to listen to it in Spanish. It was really confusing. Some how during the section the audio restarted and it took about ten minutes for them to fix the problem and bring the audio back to the spot it was supposed to be at. Another question is hows is my Spanish coming. I will say I think I will master the language after I get home from my mission. 
     The question on what do I need to memorize is the missionary purpose and the first vision. Other than that we don't have to memorize any thing else. The question on the weather is that it is cold in the morning and it is hot during the day and night. The picture I sent where I had the long sleeve shirt on is taken after i attended the temple last and you have to wear a long sleeve inside the temple. You are asking about my district. My companion Elder Hansen is going to fort worth Texas. Elder S****is going to Elsavador. Elder C**** is going to Santa Rosa. Elder L**** is going to St George and so is Elder M****, i think. I forget where the rest are going. If I remember I will tell you. 
     Mom asked about how laundry is going. I have found a secret laundry room behind the gym that no one uses. It is partially because it is inconvenient for both the casas and the dormitories. But it is always open and I can put all my laundry in at once. Well this is all i can think of right now. Will be back to email later. 
     Oh I almost forgot to tell you something that happened here at the MTC. There was a missionary here who got angry and punched a hole in his door and ripped it off its hinges. He broke his hand and got sent home. He was one of the zone leaders and the district he's in are the bad district. They brag about how bad they are. The guy who broke his hand was trying to tell them to stop emailing because they would email every day and the MTC was threatening to take the emailing privileges away from them and they wouldn't listen. So he got frustrated and punched a hole is his door and got sent home. that's sad.
love you all 
Elder Jorgensen

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Week 2 at the CCM

     Today we had the chance to exchange emails with Jesse a few times.  This is a collage of all the emails from today.
 October 3, 2013
     First off, the email last week I sent last week that said see you in 49 months, I meant to say 99 weeks. We did the math and my mission says that it ends on September 1, 2015
     Ya'll keep asking me about my companion so he lives in Sandy and he went to Brighton High.  He played football there.The other elders in my district are Elder C**** from Arkansas, Elder S**** from Farmington, Elder S****, Elder L**** and Elder M**** are all from Arizona and they all went to the same high school.  I don't know where Elder S**** is from. 
     I only go to the temple every other p day. The weather here has been really nice it hasn't rained here for 4 or 5 days. Before that it was a down pour everyday. There is talk that there is a hurricane that is supposed to reach us, but that might be just rummers.
     Lunch is some kind of beef or chicken and corn tortillas with beans and rice or noodles. Oh there is horchata and pink horchata. Yes, I have tried the horchata and the pink horchata and it is really nasty. The pink horchata was strawberry flavored. They are both nasty. No, I will never be a horchata drinker. They do have diffrent kinds of juice from pineapple to orange to mango. They are good drinks. That is re-fried beans on my plate and that is also the second best steak I have ever had (see the pictures below). The best one I had was last week. It was so juicy. It was like they had just cut it from the cow.  Then there are the taquitos. They are way good here and everyone freaks out when we have them. We pile our plate with like ten of them. I do miss your cooking though. I don't know if I have lost weight. I haven't weighed myself. I haven't been farting much but my companion does like every two minutess.  I bet I could hit Napoleon on a bike (Bart was teasing Jesse that his steak looked like the ones from Napoleon Dynamite and asked if he could hit Napoleon on his bike). Speaking about bikes, they have the Nacho Libre bikes here. They are not motor powered, but they are still Nacho bikes. 
     The language is kind of hard, but I'm learning well. Classes are like a normal Sunday School class, but the teacher talks all in Spanish. After class we either eat or work out or study depending on the time of day.
     On my p day, I wake up at 630 and go to breakfast somewhere in between 745 and 8. Then I emailed you guys. Then I did my laundry. We found a secret laundry that no one goes to. Then after I put our first load in I emailed again. After I change the laundry, I went back and emailed. We ate lunch and then we went to the gym and played volleyball. After that we played cage soccer (the field is inside a basketball court). Then I emailed, changed and emailed you right now. After this I will go to dinner and then go study until 930. Then we head back to the casa and go to bed and that is my day. How was yours?
      I have only ran once. It was my second day and we only ran 800 meeters around a track. The track is just red gravel. It was hard to run on but it was kind of cool. My companion and the rest of my district say that they like to run, but they also think basketball, vollyball and soccer are more fun. They are right it is more fun. We just dont have time durring the day and we are so tired. If we dont get up early, the showers get cold fast and we have to be in the class room by 7 for personal study. So we just don't have time. But Elder L**** has memorized the Ab Ripper X video and we do that every day. It is fun. Has mom seen any of my pictures yet?
      Dad, how is Grandma Bellows doing Are you guys really exited about the snow. Man it is weird not being able to talk to you guys all the time.     
     Tell Mikaela to push through the pain and tell her good luck. My companion just told me that Utah just got a Lego store. You should take taylor to that.
      I heard the team is doing great. I was looking through my camera and I found some pictures from cross and I miss that. Tell the team good luck.  I will be sending you some pictures later today. BTW could you try to get me Brayden's and Jesse's email so I can write them too.  I got an email from Emilee and Shanna. It is great to hear from new people. Have a great day. Tell Mikaela good luck at Park City. Oh and tell Taylor hi. Love you all.
     Oh one more thing, can you give me Grandma Petersen's email. I haven't heard from her yet and I don't have her email. So if you could do that I will love you more.
Love you all,

Here are a couple of pictures
Flight to Mexico

Above Mexico City

Missionaries that were on the same flight to Mexico

Model of the MTC

My district

1st Trip to the Temple

Mexico City Temple

Mexico City MTC (CCM)
On the bus ride to the temple

Typical meal

View outside my casa- random claw towers. We have no clue what they are.

A statue on top of a building outside the fence. I think that it is really funny.

The next two pictures are of my room. I sleep on the top bunk of the second picture.

A picture of my casa from the outside

The last two pictures are of a street in the campus and the side of one of the class room building.