Thursday, October 10, 2013


     I am always so happy when p day comes around. We like to think of PDAY as Christmas because we kind of get the day off and we get to go to the temple and also we get to email. The email is our favorite part of the day. 
     I do have some exiting news. I have run twice since I got here. I lied about it being exiting but I have ran twice. The run was once around the campus and about 1.5 miles. We had to get up at 5:30. That is the reason we only ran twice. I was so tired the rest of the day. 
     To answer some questions The first time I went to the Mexico City temple they had English headphones for your first time. Today however I had to listen to it in Spanish. It was really confusing. Some how during the section the audio restarted and it took about ten minutes for them to fix the problem and bring the audio back to the spot it was supposed to be at. Another question is hows is my Spanish coming. I will say I think I will master the language after I get home from my mission. 
     The question on what do I need to memorize is the missionary purpose and the first vision. Other than that we don't have to memorize any thing else. The question on the weather is that it is cold in the morning and it is hot during the day and night. The picture I sent where I had the long sleeve shirt on is taken after i attended the temple last and you have to wear a long sleeve inside the temple. You are asking about my district. My companion Elder Hansen is going to fort worth Texas. Elder S****is going to Elsavador. Elder C**** is going to Santa Rosa. Elder L**** is going to St George and so is Elder M****, i think. I forget where the rest are going. If I remember I will tell you. 
     Mom asked about how laundry is going. I have found a secret laundry room behind the gym that no one uses. It is partially because it is inconvenient for both the casas and the dormitories. But it is always open and I can put all my laundry in at once. Well this is all i can think of right now. Will be back to email later. 
     Oh I almost forgot to tell you something that happened here at the MTC. There was a missionary here who got angry and punched a hole in his door and ripped it off its hinges. He broke his hand and got sent home. He was one of the zone leaders and the district he's in are the bad district. They brag about how bad they are. The guy who broke his hand was trying to tell them to stop emailing because they would email every day and the MTC was threatening to take the emailing privileges away from them and they wouldn't listen. So he got frustrated and punched a hole is his door and got sent home. that's sad.
love you all 
Elder Jorgensen

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