Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 49 in Sherman, TX

This week our ward did its fall festival. It was really fun. There is a member that owns a bunch of land and we went down there. He also has his pilots licence and a plane and a hanger in his property and a runway. He had a great idea, inspired by the Meet the Mormons movie he decided to do a candy bombing. It was really neat. Then there was a bonfire where the wood was stacked like ten feet tall. The ward had a good time and they invited a lot of their friends. We got to talk to them all. Nothing came from it but at least their friends got to see that we are not as weird and some would believe.

My area is huge. If you look on a map go to McKinney and right above their city limits we start our area. Then go through Van Austing up to Sherman go through Denison and keep on going through the Oklahoma border and go through Durrant and that is our area. We don't bike at all. 
There is going to be a pumpkin carving contest for the mission during Halloween because we are not aloud to go out that night, the mission will be having a big party instead. Wish me luck. 

Not much else is new. 
Thank you for all the support and have a great week.

Week 48 in Sherman, TX

This week we had a couple new people that came to church. It was pretty sweet. One girl we are teaching we brought the bishops daughter to help us teach her last Friday. We helped teach the restoration and we invited her to church. We had been inviting her to church for the past couple of weeks but she has flaked out every time. This week we found out why. Her dad lives in Michigan and she lives with her aunt down here. Her father doesn't want her to go anywhere without a chaperone. then a miracle happened. Her dad called her aunt during the lesson and the aunt explained the situation and she gave the phone o the bishops daughter. She talked to him for a little bit and then the dad said that she can go to the church this Sunday and she was able to make it and she loved it.

We are also teaching this part member family. The wife is a member and the husband is a Christian. He is really smart and he loves to talk with us. He came to church and he has been participating in the lessons there and I think that he really enjoys it. We have had a couple of cool lessons with him. Driving home from a lesson with them on a farm road number road. We hit a skunk and the smell stuck with the car for the next day. 

A couple of weeks ago my companion showed me a ghost pepper hot sauce at the store. On the label it said," this can also be used as a industrial cleaner" and last Thursday I found out that the mango habenero wings at buffalo wild wings can do the exact same thing. They were good and I know that I will be clean for the next good while.

Hope that you all had a good week love you.


Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 47 in Sherman, Texas

this week was somewhat disappointing. we had a ton of people flake out on us. on Tuesday and Wednesday we had 5 lessons each day drop. it was pretty hard, but through all of the hard there was a speck of good. well a bit more than a speck. we set a baptismal date with an actually solid person. He went to general conference and has been reading on his own. it has been so amazing with him. it is set for November 8th. it will be the last Saturday in the transfer. and my companion is hoping to baptize one more person before he leaves.

Halloween is coming up and we wanted to take a picture somewhere scary. and off the side of the highway there is a abandoned orphanage from like the 30's or something. and we went a took a picture with it. it is all gated off and NO we didn't go inside. we were good missionaries and we stayed outside the fence. but it looks pretty freaky. that was probably the most exiting thing of the week besides the baptism date. 
we have had 2 rainy days this week and it dropped the temperature down to the 50's. i was wearing my jacket.  it is supposed to rain again to day and some members are telling us that there is a possibility of a tornado. cool. 

oh and one more thing that happened was my companion got his Trunky papers (his flight plan). he knows exactly when he will be going home and the exact time he lands in Jersey. that just blew his mind. we are still working hard but he keeps reminding me that he can count the number of weeks on his hands and that he knows how far away that plane is. 

also another thing. i got to see the meet the mormons movie. it was awesome. i loved all of the stories and it was so great. cant wait to see it again. i love you guys so much and hope that you all had a great week.

Week 46 in Sherman, Texas

This week has been awesome. there is so much work to do here. and i especially  love the car. we are teaching a ton of people. My companion has a goal to baptize three people by the end of the transfer or in other words by the time he goes home. we are on our way to that goal. the area is interesting though. i guess it is what i get for being out in the middle of nowhere Texas.

we have had a big miracle this last week. we got a phone call on Thursday. and we answered and the guy that called us first said that he is not crazy. then went on to explain a dream he had where he heard a horn that woke him up and there standing in front of him was an angel who said his name was Moroni. and he told him to read the plates of gold. the guy then told us that he had never heard the name Moroni and asked us if it meant anything to us. then he asked what are the gold plates. we told him we could come over and explain it to him. so we went and shared the restoration. and he said that we answered a ton of his questions. then after he walked us out to our car and he asked us another question. he said that he cant drink coffee or smoke anymore. it makes him sick. he has been clean for 3 weeks now. then asked us if it means anything to us. wow right? the guy seems pretty honest. he has a medical job and has a girlfriend and a kid. he came to general conference but left after we gave him a church tour before conference even began. he said that he could feel something so strong there and it made him a little uncomfortable.  he is a great guy though. 

Elder W is a great companion. he wants to work so hard his last transfer. we are keeping busy and we get along great. 

well it is a bi-lingual area because there are little Spanish speakers here. i haven't had a lesson in Spanish yet but i have been able to speak it. 

i have all my pictures i have taken backed up on two different devices. other than my camera. that same thing happened to another missionary a couple of months ago in Famers Branch. except their house didn't get broken into. he had his bag stolen and all 2 years of his mission was gone! but don't worry. and i have 2 memory cards here. one from the beginning of the mission with 4 gigs and the other one you sent me for my mp3 with 16. just keep that one safe for me at home. sorry i haven't sent much pictures home. the computers wouldn't let me send and i think that these computers are the same way. there are even some pictures that you send me that i cant open up on certain computers. it is just stupid, but i will try to send you some.

i get to see the movie on Tuesday.  we have to go all the way to mesquite to see it. everyone in the whole mission has to go there.  it was originally going to be at 9:30 and we were going to try to get a member to take us, but then we got a text and president wants to do a meeting before hand  at 7:30. that means we have to leave the apartment before 6. so we are just going to drive there. it really sucks for people in East Texas who have to drive 4 hours to get there. and their members cant see it.  i am excited for the movie. it will be so awesome.

hope you had a great conference. i absolutely loved it. the Saturday secession was the best. i loved it.
All the changes they made were so cool. it was really neat to listen to all the native speakers in their native language. love you all. bye.