Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 46 in Sherman, Texas

This week has been awesome. there is so much work to do here. and i especially  love the car. we are teaching a ton of people. My companion has a goal to baptize three people by the end of the transfer or in other words by the time he goes home. we are on our way to that goal. the area is interesting though. i guess it is what i get for being out in the middle of nowhere Texas.

we have had a big miracle this last week. we got a phone call on Thursday. and we answered and the guy that called us first said that he is not crazy. then went on to explain a dream he had where he heard a horn that woke him up and there standing in front of him was an angel who said his name was Moroni. and he told him to read the plates of gold. the guy then told us that he had never heard the name Moroni and asked us if it meant anything to us. then he asked what are the gold plates. we told him we could come over and explain it to him. so we went and shared the restoration. and he said that we answered a ton of his questions. then after he walked us out to our car and he asked us another question. he said that he cant drink coffee or smoke anymore. it makes him sick. he has been clean for 3 weeks now. then asked us if it means anything to us. wow right? the guy seems pretty honest. he has a medical job and has a girlfriend and a kid. he came to general conference but left after we gave him a church tour before conference even began. he said that he could feel something so strong there and it made him a little uncomfortable.  he is a great guy though. 

Elder W is a great companion. he wants to work so hard his last transfer. we are keeping busy and we get along great. 

well it is a bi-lingual area because there are little Spanish speakers here. i haven't had a lesson in Spanish yet but i have been able to speak it. 

i have all my pictures i have taken backed up on two different devices. other than my camera. that same thing happened to another missionary a couple of months ago in Famers Branch. except their house didn't get broken into. he had his bag stolen and all 2 years of his mission was gone! but don't worry. and i have 2 memory cards here. one from the beginning of the mission with 4 gigs and the other one you sent me for my mp3 with 16. just keep that one safe for me at home. sorry i haven't sent much pictures home. the computers wouldn't let me send and i think that these computers are the same way. there are even some pictures that you send me that i cant open up on certain computers. it is just stupid, but i will try to send you some.

i get to see the movie on Tuesday.  we have to go all the way to mesquite to see it. everyone in the whole mission has to go there.  it was originally going to be at 9:30 and we were going to try to get a member to take us, but then we got a text and president wants to do a meeting before hand  at 7:30. that means we have to leave the apartment before 6. so we are just going to drive there. it really sucks for people in East Texas who have to drive 4 hours to get there. and their members cant see it.  i am excited for the movie. it will be so awesome.

hope you had a great conference. i absolutely loved it. the Saturday secession was the best. i loved it.
All the changes they made were so cool. it was really neat to listen to all the native speakers in their native language. love you all. bye.

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