Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 48 in Sherman, TX

This week we had a couple new people that came to church. It was pretty sweet. One girl we are teaching we brought the bishops daughter to help us teach her last Friday. We helped teach the restoration and we invited her to church. We had been inviting her to church for the past couple of weeks but she has flaked out every time. This week we found out why. Her dad lives in Michigan and she lives with her aunt down here. Her father doesn't want her to go anywhere without a chaperone. then a miracle happened. Her dad called her aunt during the lesson and the aunt explained the situation and she gave the phone o the bishops daughter. She talked to him for a little bit and then the dad said that she can go to the church this Sunday and she was able to make it and she loved it.

We are also teaching this part member family. The wife is a member and the husband is a Christian. He is really smart and he loves to talk with us. He came to church and he has been participating in the lessons there and I think that he really enjoys it. We have had a couple of cool lessons with him. Driving home from a lesson with them on a farm road number road. We hit a skunk and the smell stuck with the car for the next day. 

A couple of weeks ago my companion showed me a ghost pepper hot sauce at the store. On the label it said," this can also be used as a industrial cleaner" and last Thursday I found out that the mango habenero wings at buffalo wild wings can do the exact same thing. They were good and I know that I will be clean for the next good while.

Hope that you all had a good week love you.


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