Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 61 in Sherman, Texas (1-12-15)

On wensday we had a moving project. The M*****in our ward moved out. they were super cool. they announced that they were moving on Sunday and all those that could help please come. They said that they wanted to start moving at 1. then the elders quarm president stood up and asked for volenteeres and no one said anything. then he said that everyone will probably be at work durring that time and he changed the time to 6:30 at night. I told the family that was moving that we could help them at 1. So on Wednesday we got the other elders in the area and started helping them. and at 1 we started and at 4 we had everything in the house packed into the truck. it was good  thing too because wednesday was the coldest day of the week and the high was 25. and only about 3 people showed up at 6 to help them. but it was already done. it would have sucked to have done it at night where it was colder and darker. As we were moving there was a pile of random junk and I asked if they wanted me to pack it and they said that this is the donating pile and if we see something we like we can keep it. I found the sword. it wont fit in my suitcase so elder R***** is going to ship it home with his bike and he will bring it down to the house. he wants to meet you anyway, this will be his excuse to. iIpayed him $20 to do it and he threw in a pair of boots that a member gave him. they are small on him and he had already bought boots like 4 days before he got them. the member that gave it to him bought them online and  they were too small for him and for some reason he couldn't return them. so he put them in a box for 2 years and now i have them. like brand new.

we were suposed to have a huge ice storm again this last sunday, but luckily it warmed up and it didnt freeze. 

we have been working alot with the less actives in the ward real recently  and have met alot of cool families. We have a baptism comming up on January 25. His name is I***** and he is 9. We have been teaching him and he is ready to be baptized. His family is all members. 

sweet i cant wait to be 20. will you be sending me some ding-dongs and 20 candles so i can outdo last year? 

i am glad that the Super Mario works. the resale shop had a big donation on nes games, but i already have the super marios and there was nothing else that was good. was a little disappointed, but still have my hopes up for a couple of good games to be donated.

well i hope that your week has been great.


Week 60 in Sherman, Texas (1-5-15)

Hope that you all had a great new years. mine was great. we got to celebrate the new year for Great Britain before we had to go to bed. I don't think that there was much celebrating around us because we were not woken up by the fireworks or we just slept through them.

it has been super cold here. On Wednesday we were supposed to have freezing rain and luckily it didn't happen. It did rain for three days straight. then after the rain it just got colder and colder. we woke up and went to church on Sunday and the car said that it was 20 degrees.  It still hasn't warmed up and there is talk of snow sometime this week.

with the holidays coming to a close we hope to be able to have some more work. everyone just seems too busy during the holidays. members, non-members and investigators are all really busy during this time. 

Our Mission president has given us the challenge to flood the world, or at least the mission with the Book of Mormon. Our focus is to only contact using the book of Mormon.

Happy New Years!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 59 in Sherman, Texas (12-29-15)

Hope that you all had a great Christmas. it was pretty fun down here.
I was able to go to a couple families in my ward to see them celebrate the holidays and of course everyone we talked to gave us some of their Christmas happiness (candy) all in all i think i have about 10 pounds or more in sweets. it is like every kids dream.  

My christmas ended really well. there is a member in the 2nd ward that invited us over to his house and gave us some gifts. if you got the picture with us in the masks. he is the one not in missionary attire. 
So funny thing about those masks, there is a Call of Duty game called ghost. In the game you wear a mask like that. the member got one for his birthday and then wanted to give us one. elder R. says he is pretty good at call of duty. he says at one point he was ranked 1000th in the world.

my new investigator is progressing really well. we brought our bishop over to help teach. and he brought a great spirit with him and he helped explain blessings that he has seen in a way we never could. it was a great lesson. 
it is cool how you got to go to see elder haskell. how did dad do on his talk? 

the games (I sent) have alot of dust on them. When i tested out the system at the resale store they had a can of air that i sprayed in to get the dust out. 
i love you all so much and i hope that you all have a happy new year.
Christmas 2014

Elder Haskell's Homecoming

2014 Christmas Card pictures


Week 58 in Sherman, Texas (12-22-15)

So this week we found a new person to teach. He is super solid and even has a goal to go through the temple! He is a wounded vet and has a girlfriend that is a member. She told him straight up that she wants to get married in the temple and so he is now investigating. flirt to convert right? The only problem with him is that he lives like 30 miles away from us and we meet with him in the middle of the day when everyone is working. But he is super cool.

The food pantry where we do service at gave us a ton of sweets, muffins and cupcakes, to hand out to our church. So on Sunday we took it to all the young men and young woman and that day we were the coolest people on earth to them. 
The picture is by the main square. the main part looks good, but it is like the cartoons where they have a cardboard cutout building and behind it it is falling apart. There are nicer parts but they are on the outskirts of the city.

A year ago the mission did a program called Just Serve. they wanted us to do 10 hours of service every week. that went for a year and ended last January.

We did the Living Christ thing a while ago. Sister Taylor just now got it all put together.

Shari's package hasn't arrived yet. Grandma Jorgensen's has.  Oh and i love the 12 days of Christmas. it is really fun to do. I can't wait each morning to open one up. 

i did get Christmas cards. I was a bit late in sending them. I already sent them out to a bunch of people here in Texas and I was waiting to send them to you until i knew i had enough. i already sent one to grandma bellows and Petersen. the ones i sent you should get here either today or tomorrow.
 Cant wait for Christmas and i hope that you all have a great Christmas this year.
Elder Garcia and Elder Jorgensen

Elder Jorgensen and Elder Haskell

Elder Jorgensen, Elder Lee, Elder Garcia, Elder Ramsdell

Sherman, Texas

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

12-18-15 Mission Christmas Letter for President and Sister Taylor

To Our Dear Family and Friends Back Home,

 Merry Christmas! We miss you and our hearts are certainly more tender
during this sacred season of the year.  But, what a wonderful time to be
serving the Lord in this part of His vineyard!  As a mission we have been
dreaming of a “White Christmas!”  We are working hard to help people enter
the waters of baptism and the House of the Lord. What a thrill and humbling
privilege this has been and continues to be!

 As a mission, we are memorizing ‘The Living Christ.’  We bear testimony of
the divine power of our Savior’s great Atoning sacrifice and its grace in
these sacred words.  Through deeply planting these words in our minds and in
our hearts, we are coming to know our Savior in a more personal ways.  We
are Becoming One with Him.  We are striving to serve Him with all of our
hearts, might, minds and strength!

 The link below is our Christmas gift to you!  We hope you will watch it
over and over and over again!  Our missionaries are excited for you to see
each of them bearing witness of His holy name.  We love and honor our
Savior, Jesus Christ.  We declare that The Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter-Day Saints is His Church.  Our love and gratitude for Him knows no
bounds.  “God be thanked for the matchless gift of His divine Son.”

With all our love,

President and Sister Taylor & Every Missionary in the Texas, Dallas

Week 57 in Sherman, Texas (12-15)

Transfer news. i am staying here in Sherman. i will be here for the next 7 weeks to kill off my companion and probably for the next 6 weeks after that. because my companion goes home in 7 weeks and i will stay to help whoever is next in this area.

tomorrow we are having a huge meeting as a whole mission. is it is going to be our  Christmas meeting. hopefully i will hear some news about Ipads. it would be such a great tool for us to use.  Plus they have been promising them to us for the past year and a half. said the all united states missionaries will have them in the fall. fall ends on the 21 sooooooooo they have 6 days to complete their promise.

i got grandmas card and your package. then i got a package from the ward. it was a big sign that said we love you.

Taylor looks good in her outfit. there was a family here that had a daughter about the same age as Taylor and she had a cute outfit. it is called the hipster. you should look it up. i think that Taylor could pull it off. 

that christmas concert sounded fun. i wish that i could have seen it. i was hoping that they would have it on the motab website but they dont. 

My days have gone like this: wake up at 6:30 study until 12 track until 4:30 dinner with a member. We can't  knock doors at night so we have a list a people in the ward and we do stop bys until 9. at this point we stop by the other elders in Sherman who live a mile down the street from our apartment and talk. then we go to bed and repeat.

love you all so much and have a great week.
Ward Christmas Party

Week 56 in Sherman, Texas (12-8)

Sweet. i am so gad that my package came. dad sent me a picture, it looks like it came in undamaged. i will be waiting for your package.

i don't know if i'm staying or going. last transfer everyone who only had one transfer left got new companions, some were even training. my companion will only have one left so i realy dont know. i could see myself leaving and staying. i probably wont even know if i am leaving until next monday night. i think it would be better if i don't explain what it looks like down here. i only cover one ward. the other ward here in sherman used to have sisters but they both got transferred out and elders got put in. it is for the same reason i wont explain my area to you.

the members are realy friendly. there are a lot of farms outside the main city and we drive through them verry often. most of our members live outside the main parts of the city. those are the nicer parts. 

i want to make christmas cards today and send them off. i am planning on sending some to my recent converts.
i sent you some pictures and a video. the video is of a random road that the gps took us on. it ended up in a dead end. we drive on these fun roads all the time.

Week 55 in Sherman, Texas (12-1)

No update today :(  Did receive some fun pictures!

Stylin' glasses

Christmas Texas Style

Thanksgiving package

Elder Ramsdell and Elder Jorgensen

Week 54 in Sherman, Texas (11-24)

Happy thanksgiving y'all. hope yours was great. I had a great thanksgiving. i ate with a family named Peck. they had a lot of family over and it was just like a normal thanksgiving. i would have to say 1000's of times better than my last one.

we also did a lot of service this week. we helped a guy in our ward paint his house. he is kind of crippled at the moment. he got off of two knee surgeries. so we helped him out. 

my favorite time of the year is comming up and i cant wait for it. i will make it my best christmas yet. hope you all had a great week. love you.
Thanksgiving dinner at the Peck Home
 Letter to Jesse from the Peck Family:

We were so glad you joined us for thanksgiving! We had family that were non members and also inactive members. Thank you for your good conversation, positive attitude and example, we think your awesome! Love, the Pecks

Week 53 in Sherman, Texas

This thanksgiving we are eating with a family in the ward.  They own over 100 acers and a plane with a runway in their yard.  Can't wait to eat with them.  We got the x-box from a resale shop we do service at. It had the red ring of death so they had to throw it away. So we took it home ripped it apart and gutted it and then stuck it on our wall.


well now that you are counting down the days you dont have to be with your class i will start counting down my days. i have 7 months and 28 days left. 

the kitchen looks great. 

hope you have a fun thanks giving. love you.