Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 56 in Sherman, Texas (12-8)

Sweet. i am so gad that my package came. dad sent me a picture, it looks like it came in undamaged. i will be waiting for your package.

i don't know if i'm staying or going. last transfer everyone who only had one transfer left got new companions, some were even training. my companion will only have one left so i realy dont know. i could see myself leaving and staying. i probably wont even know if i am leaving until next monday night. i think it would be better if i don't explain what it looks like down here. i only cover one ward. the other ward here in sherman used to have sisters but they both got transferred out and elders got put in. it is for the same reason i wont explain my area to you.

the members are realy friendly. there are a lot of farms outside the main city and we drive through them verry often. most of our members live outside the main parts of the city. those are the nicer parts. 

i want to make christmas cards today and send them off. i am planning on sending some to my recent converts.
i sent you some pictures and a video. the video is of a random road that the gps took us on. it ended up in a dead end. we drive on these fun roads all the time.

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