Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Week 54 in Sherman, Texas (11-24)

Happy thanksgiving y'all. hope yours was great. I had a great thanksgiving. i ate with a family named Peck. they had a lot of family over and it was just like a normal thanksgiving. i would have to say 1000's of times better than my last one.

we also did a lot of service this week. we helped a guy in our ward paint his house. he is kind of crippled at the moment. he got off of two knee surgeries. so we helped him out. 

my favorite time of the year is comming up and i cant wait for it. i will make it my best christmas yet. hope you all had a great week. love you.
Thanksgiving dinner at the Peck Home
 Letter to Jesse from the Peck Family:

We were so glad you joined us for thanksgiving! We had family that were non members and also inactive members. Thank you for your good conversation, positive attitude and example, we think your awesome! Love, the Pecks

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