Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Week 59 in Sherman, Texas (12-29-15)

Hope that you all had a great Christmas. it was pretty fun down here.
I was able to go to a couple families in my ward to see them celebrate the holidays and of course everyone we talked to gave us some of their Christmas happiness (candy) all in all i think i have about 10 pounds or more in sweets. it is like every kids dream.  

My christmas ended really well. there is a member in the 2nd ward that invited us over to his house and gave us some gifts. if you got the picture with us in the masks. he is the one not in missionary attire. 
So funny thing about those masks, there is a Call of Duty game called ghost. In the game you wear a mask like that. the member got one for his birthday and then wanted to give us one. elder R. says he is pretty good at call of duty. he says at one point he was ranked 1000th in the world.

my new investigator is progressing really well. we brought our bishop over to help teach. and he brought a great spirit with him and he helped explain blessings that he has seen in a way we never could. it was a great lesson. 
it is cool how you got to go to see elder haskell. how did dad do on his talk? 

the games (I sent) have alot of dust on them. When i tested out the system at the resale store they had a can of air that i sprayed in to get the dust out. 
i love you all so much and i hope that you all have a happy new year.
Christmas 2014

Elder Haskell's Homecoming

2014 Christmas Card pictures


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