Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 60 in Sherman, Texas (1-5-15)

Hope that you all had a great new years. mine was great. we got to celebrate the new year for Great Britain before we had to go to bed. I don't think that there was much celebrating around us because we were not woken up by the fireworks or we just slept through them.

it has been super cold here. On Wednesday we were supposed to have freezing rain and luckily it didn't happen. It did rain for three days straight. then after the rain it just got colder and colder. we woke up and went to church on Sunday and the car said that it was 20 degrees.  It still hasn't warmed up and there is talk of snow sometime this week.

with the holidays coming to a close we hope to be able to have some more work. everyone just seems too busy during the holidays. members, non-members and investigators are all really busy during this time. 

Our Mission president has given us the challenge to flood the world, or at least the mission with the Book of Mormon. Our focus is to only contact using the book of Mormon.

Happy New Years!

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