Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 45 in Mesquite, TX


So here is the big news I am going to go to Sherman. I will be with Elder W. This will be his last transfer and he is so trunky. I WILL BE IN A CAR!!!!!!! cant wait to finally be in a car again. The area is in the country and is not quite considered East Texas. It will be a bi-lingual area and I will actually get to use my Spanish. Can't wait. I am super sad that I am leaving Mesquite and this has been my favorite area so far. No offense to people reading from my other areas. 

So a little about my new companion is I that I found out that he loves to work out. so I am back going to get buff.
So this week we had a giant meeting about stuff. Half the mission came in. It was really packed.
We learned about a movie that the church is making called Meet the Mormons. It will be in theaters and we will be able to see a special viewing for it. Can't wait to see it. 

Yep i got the package. I love my GPS. I will use it because I got a car. YAY. 

You are changing up the house so much. I wont be able to recognize it. I hope that the table turns out ok. 

love you so much.
New adventure will be starting. Can't wait for it. 
Love you all. 
Zone Meeting/Training

The Relief Society made lunch for all these amazing missionaries!

Monday, September 22, 2014

Week 44 in Mesquite,TX

So let me say that this week was one of the most boring weeks of my life. Everyone got sick and we got close to nothing done. It started on Monday when three people in my district got sick and then on Tuesday another got sick then my companion got sick Thursday night and Friday all day. We stayed home and it was so boring.  The only saving grace of the week was my HUMP DAY! It was awesome. There is a member that cuts our hair and her secretary at her salon is named M. She loves the missionaries and heard about the shirt burning and so she invited me to do it at her house. M M is her full name and she is not a Mormon. So we burned my shirt and I burned my six month tie too. I hadn't done that yet. Oh and BTW did A. send you the part about the M-150 I put in my tie before I burned it and about the part where i jumped over it? it was a fun night.

I cant believe it is almost Halloween already. Time has flown by. The tie I wore on hump day is just an orange color and design. I got that one at a garage sale. I am glad you had fun with the girls and you got a lot done this week. Wow I wont even recognize the kitchen anymore. You have done a great job. How have you kept Oscar away? That must have been tough.
This week we heard that the church is making a new movie called Meet the Mormons and it will be playing in theaters and we will be able to see it. Not in the theaters. They will have a preview for us to see it in a church. That will be pretty cool.
Thanks for sending the GPS. I will use and abuse that thing. It is really needed on the mission. Thank you for updating it.

Oh and on a sad note. L hasn't responded to us. I think it is because of her parents. It is too bad, but we need to respect their choices. Maybe now wasn't her time.

It would be cool to get someone else I know down here. I know two people down here Sister P M who says hi and Elder T L.  So if i could get someone else down here that would be really awesome.

i love the pictures and the picture holder. i already filled it up with other pictures i printed off. i have more pictures i am going to print off and buy another album and fill it up. thank you for everything. i love you and i got to go. bye.

This week is transfers and i don't know if i am staying or my companion is going to stay of if we are both going to be transferred out and have them bring in English missionaries. I want to stay. I love this ward. 

I hope that you all had a great week this week. 
Love you all.

Letter sent to us this week:
Dear Family,
Just a friendly reminder that it is 100 days til Christmas!!  Thank you for the hump day package.  I love the T-Shirt.  Taylor your drawing of a camel is awesome.  One of my favorite things though is the picture album.  It is awesome.  I love to see you all and all of my old friends and neighbors.  Dad you have gotten really skinny it is amazing how much you all have changed.  I hardly recognize anyone.  I love the picture of Oscar with the sign.  Coaches still look the same.  Thank you for the object lessons and the salsa.  I will need to buy some chips to eat it with.  It didn't spill.  Thank goodness and I love the tie.  I am so excited that I finally have some Spanish music!  Hope you like the card.  It is yet another thing that I have found here.  I hope that all my apartments are like this.  Just want to say that I miss you all a a lot and that I love you all so much.

Week 43 in Mesquite, TX

So this past week was pretty good. If you remember from last week I got that phone call from a former investigator named L. We met with her at a members house this week and it happened to be on the same day as another exchange with the zone leaders. So one of the zone leaders and I had the privilege to teach her. We went over the restoration and she remembers a lot but is is all jumbled up in her head. So we skipped around a lot to explain other things. She is a really awesome person. 
We taught her at a members home. L showed up like 15 min early and got to talk to them. they got along really nicely. It was a great lesson. The only problem is that she didn't come to church. She said that she would but then she didnt.

that is great Mikaela did so great. Hopefully she will break 20. I know she can do it.  Was it the same course as last year?  or have they changed it up again? it sounds like the team is getting good again. Are they going to contend for state again?

Taylor said that you will be taking them to the reservoir today. have fun. hope that the weather is nice. The past couple of days here have been a bit cold. We had a day in the low 70s. It felt super nice. I am being blessed with great weather on my mission.

Wow Emily is almost done isn't she? It has really been a year and a half has it? so Wayne and Shari will go to see her. I bet that island is pretty cool. 

You have only been to the temple 2 times this past year. I have been about 5 times already. You really need to step up your game. 

I will be looking for my package this week. I cant believe it has almost been a year. I need to celebrate. I know just how to celebrate the occasion. I will burn a shirt. At 6 months it is a tie (which i didnt do yet) at one year it is a shirt. and at a year and a half it is pants and at 2 years it is a suit.
yep those ones (pants) I am burning. Elder H had my same size and he grew out of them. so he left them for me and i have like 6 pairs of pants. 
My bag is about the same as it was when i last talked to you. i have had to sew a couple of parts. and i have been carrying a lot less stuff. Before i had my Spanish scriptures and two Spanish Book of Mormons in my bag. Now i only carry two Book of Mormons to hand out and a tiny bible. It takes a lot of weight off my shoulder.   
I haven't used that waterproofing you gave me at all. I still have the full bottle. My shoes are doing pretty fine. Cant wait to open my package on Wednesday. 
Another cool story was we were just riding our bikes around last Friday and there was this yard sale. We stopped and had a look around and asked the guy if he had any ties for sale and he told us to hold on one sec and he would bring them out. He brought out a 3 foot laundry basket full of ties. There were hundreds of ties there and I was able to get a couple of them to add to my collection.

oh BTW did you get my card i sent? it was another one i found in the apartment.
well i hope that you all had a great week. love you.
Missionaries leave behind interesting things!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Week 42 in Mesquite, TX

This week has been a lot like the last one, not much going on. It is like a roller coaster. One week you are full of appointments and the next you are bored out of your minds knocking and contacting.

I went on an exchange with the district leader Elder D this last Friday. It was fun being with him. He was once companions with Elder H. We spent almost the entire time talking about and making fun of elder H. No offense to him, but it is really easy to do.

I also got a random phone call from a girl on Friday. She said that she lived in East Texas and had been taking the lessons there. She had to move back to her parents house in Mesquite. She had found our phone number somehow and called me and asked for me by name. Cool huh. We will start teaching her on Tuesday. It is so cool that something like this happens. The Lord always blesses you after your hard work.

So Dad told you to write short did he. He wrote me a pretty long email. Oh well. 

I can't wait to see all of the changes you have done to the house. I love you and thanks for the pictures once again.
Here is a picture of my new protein. It cost $20 as compared to $40 dollars and it has 29 servings as compared to 8. 

Also I heard that you had some problems with receiving my garbage chair 3 picture so here it is.

Can you look up for me object lessons that I can use in my missionary lessons. I want to use some new ones. If you could help me that would be great. thank you
Well sorry I don't have any more funny stories for y'all this week. I hope that you have a great week. love ya


Week 41 in Mesquite, Texas

So hi everyone!
How has your week been? I can sum up the week in two words, we tracted. Pretty exciting. Oh and BTW we baptized. Just a little important fact. His name is J O and he had been investigating for 5 years. It was really Neat. One of the first sister missionaries that first taught him came and was able to see him be baptized. He was really excited. The spirit was really strong there. This is what it makes it all worth it.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA coach Barnes. Did you ask him if he was wearing his headlight or did he forget it? You should really get on him about it.
It is too bad about Wayne's mom. It must be really tough for him. I hope all goes well.

I need to write Grandma it has been a while. I have just been a bit busy and stressed.

How big are your pumpkins? The members here have been cooking veggies from their garden. It reminds me a lot of home. We have been offering to help with the gardening. It is sad, I miss gardening. 

Derek just emailed me. He sounds super exited to go. I hope that he does well.  
Oh and BTW Page  says hi. She is in my zone now.  

And one more question, can you bombard me with pictures of you guys next week. Like old pictures that you have on the computer. I have a small mp3 and I have all the pictures that you have ever sent me on it and I love looking through it. Thank you.

Love y'all lots.
Have a great week.