Monday, September 29, 2014

Week 45 in Mesquite, TX


So here is the big news I am going to go to Sherman. I will be with Elder W. This will be his last transfer and he is so trunky. I WILL BE IN A CAR!!!!!!! cant wait to finally be in a car again. The area is in the country and is not quite considered East Texas. It will be a bi-lingual area and I will actually get to use my Spanish. Can't wait. I am super sad that I am leaving Mesquite and this has been my favorite area so far. No offense to people reading from my other areas. 

So a little about my new companion is I that I found out that he loves to work out. so I am back going to get buff.
So this week we had a giant meeting about stuff. Half the mission came in. It was really packed.
We learned about a movie that the church is making called Meet the Mormons. It will be in theaters and we will be able to see a special viewing for it. Can't wait to see it. 

Yep i got the package. I love my GPS. I will use it because I got a car. YAY. 

You are changing up the house so much. I wont be able to recognize it. I hope that the table turns out ok. 

love you so much.
New adventure will be starting. Can't wait for it. 
Love you all. 
Zone Meeting/Training

The Relief Society made lunch for all these amazing missionaries!

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