Monday, March 23, 2015

Week 61 in Sherman, Texas (1-12-15)

On wensday we had a moving project. The M*****in our ward moved out. they were super cool. they announced that they were moving on Sunday and all those that could help please come. They said that they wanted to start moving at 1. then the elders quarm president stood up and asked for volenteeres and no one said anything. then he said that everyone will probably be at work durring that time and he changed the time to 6:30 at night. I told the family that was moving that we could help them at 1. So on Wednesday we got the other elders in the area and started helping them. and at 1 we started and at 4 we had everything in the house packed into the truck. it was good  thing too because wednesday was the coldest day of the week and the high was 25. and only about 3 people showed up at 6 to help them. but it was already done. it would have sucked to have done it at night where it was colder and darker. As we were moving there was a pile of random junk and I asked if they wanted me to pack it and they said that this is the donating pile and if we see something we like we can keep it. I found the sword. it wont fit in my suitcase so elder R***** is going to ship it home with his bike and he will bring it down to the house. he wants to meet you anyway, this will be his excuse to. iIpayed him $20 to do it and he threw in a pair of boots that a member gave him. they are small on him and he had already bought boots like 4 days before he got them. the member that gave it to him bought them online and  they were too small for him and for some reason he couldn't return them. so he put them in a box for 2 years and now i have them. like brand new.

we were suposed to have a huge ice storm again this last sunday, but luckily it warmed up and it didnt freeze. 

we have been working alot with the less actives in the ward real recently  and have met alot of cool families. We have a baptism comming up on January 25. His name is I***** and he is 9. We have been teaching him and he is ready to be baptized. His family is all members. 

sweet i cant wait to be 20. will you be sending me some ding-dongs and 20 candles so i can outdo last year? 

i am glad that the Super Mario works. the resale shop had a big donation on nes games, but i already have the super marios and there was nothing else that was good. was a little disappointed, but still have my hopes up for a couple of good games to be donated.

well i hope that your week has been great.


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