Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 62 in Sherman, TX (1-19-15)

I had a sweet week last week. there were lots of fun adventures. 

as you can see i think i out did last years birthday cake. the big 20. earlier we celebrated the day by going tracting. we met some pretty interesting people. we helped one old guy put his licence plate back on his truck. he talked to us for about an hour. he has a ton of religious books. he likes to collect them. reading them is another story i think. none of them looked used. there was really no mean people on the street, which was really surprising. usually there is that one guy that is soooooooo offended that two dirty little mormon boys happened to darken his porch that it is funny to watch his reaction. 

so we helped out this person in the second ward last week. she wanted the other elders to help put in cabnet shelf liners. they wanted to hurry and get it over with because they are kind of weird. so we go to the appartment and the member is pulling out food from her cabnet and butting it in bags. she was kind of struggling with it and so Elder G and i took over and started doing it for her. now keep in mind that there is bug crap all over the walls of the cabnet and what should have been a white shelf was yellow. that should have been a warning flag for us. but we continued and we got to the top shelf and Elder G pulled a mustard out and on it was 5 roaches. and there was like 6 more that scattered out from behind it. now the appartment was clean. it looked vaccumed and neat but this was discusting. we finnished cleanning out the food. and we asked her if there was bug spray and she gave us an old rusty empty can. we couldnt do much with it so Elder R and I went to the dollar general and bought lysol wipes and roach spray. we started spraying in there and from behind every little crack the roaches came out and started running everywhere.  i used that entire spray. it was discusting. she ,the member, got mad at us that we went out and bought new spray when she "had some". no, no she didnt. then we offered to clean up all the dead roaches and she just said no. just put the mats on top and call it good. i tried to tell her no give me your vaccume so we can suck it up and clean it up for you. and all she said was" just but the mats over it and it will be good" after a little convincing she gave us a broom. but i was soo mad at her. then we went home and i took a shower.

there was no other crazy stories for this week. our investigator that we have is progressing really well. he comes to church every week and loves it. he told us yeaterday that he was exited it was sunday. it is his highlight because of how he feels afterward.so greatfull for the spirit.

i love the cubs shirt. it is so awesome. i think my favorite is the shoes. i had a hunch that they were waiting for me. i love them so much. the other elders are jealous. elder G*** surprised me. he took me to a soccer shop and bought me a jersey and put my name on it. it is the one in the pictures. i will have to do something special for him this next two weeks. i was already trying to think of something that i could do for him, but now i need to step up my game. any ideas?

i got your letter finally on Saturday and i also got grandma Jorgensen's and Christy's. 

it has been really warm down here too. we are like 65 right now.

sweet i get a nice new bed. i hate the one here.  i already flipped it over and turned it around, but it still sucks. i have even sometimes just slept on our couch. our couch is really comfy. 

ok love y'all and have a great week.
                                                                     Pictures from birthday!

Driving Duties

Elder L***

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