Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 64 in Sherman, Texas (2-2-15)

Well this week was extremely busy. on Tuesday we had an interview with the mission president. it was down in Plano which is about an our away from here. We got to see a lot of missionaries there. There were a couple of missionaries who were giving trainings that were going home and they just made of joke of their training which was too bad, but there were a couple of good ones. Sister Taylor did one on staying physically fit and how that affects your spirituality.  She is going to do a 5k in May and she wants all of us to run in it. Hope i can do well. I need to start practicing.

Then on Friday we had a meeting with Elder Russell M Nelson and Lynn G Robbins of the 70's come to speak with us. Lynn went first and he talked to us about not giving up and to know that our Heavenly Father knows best and that he puts us in positions for a reason. He started out by asking if we could tell the future. We said no and he pointed to a random sister in the front row to pull out her I pad and ............ he stopped there and turned and asked the mission president if we had Ipads here. and of course we didn't. he turned red and continued with, well "PEOPLE" can look on their I pads and see tomorrows weather forecast. then he tied it in somehow. 

After Elder Nelson came up and announced that he had a granddaughter in the mission and she got to go up on the stage and hug her grandpa and ask a couple of questions to him. Then he talked about the Abrahamic covenant and how that applies to us. It was really neat and it went into deep detail about the significance of the tribe and the names of the sons of Jacob. i liked it.

Then on Saturday we had a baptism. Isaac V***. he is nine years old. he asked me to do a talk on baptism at his baptism. So I had a great object lesson I do with cups. There are three cups with labels. Satan, Us, and Jesus. Water is poured into Satan, and in this water is bad, and then Satan tempts us and it gets poured into us and then we get baptized or repent and we pour it into Jesus. then I take the Jesus cup and hold it upside down and the water disappears. It doesn't fall out. It is just gone. I was going to send a video of this, but i forgot. anyway i wanted to make the lesson special so i poured Mio into the water to make it red. Then when I started to pour it into the US cup it spilled down the side and dripped red onto the white table cloth they have in the relief society room. So it is now stained red in a spot. When that happened i said ," oh crap!" and everyone laughed. Then when i poured it into the Jesus cup. what was supposed to happen, didn't and I had to explain what should have happened. Which was really embarrassing. I will try to send a video of it working next week. Then i was a witness for the baptism. It was a double baptism and the first person to go her dad banged her head against the wall and I flinched and snickered. I felt so bad. 

Well Breaking news. I just got a call while i was typing and i am being transferred. don't know where and don't know who, but i am leaving Sherman. 
good bye.

Mission meeting with Elder Nelson
Sherman Elder's goodbye meal together
Jesse gave Elder G*** a Real Jersey and shirt for his goodbye present.  Elder G*** loves soccer :)

V*** baptism

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