Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Week 65 in Lufkin, Texas (2-9-15)

Well, one week done in Lufkin here with Elder B***. He has been out a month more than I have. He is super funny and he loves to laugh. He is from a little town north of Seattle in Washington, and doesn't like it when people mention the last Sea Hawk game. i wouldn't blame him. Lufkin is a bit interesting. it took us 5 hours to get here from Dallas. it is really far out here. I am the farthest south you can get on the mission. There is only one farther area and that is Hemp Hill. A senior couple is there. They are pretty cool. They are from Australia. We will see them at least once a week. They are the only other missionaries in our district. We are so far out from everyone else and like Sherman there is not much to do. Luckly there are elders from Nacadouches that are coming down today to play basketball. That will make it more fun.

We have been doing a lot of service lately. Elder B*** and the last elder have been offering a lot of service to everyone and we have had a lot of time serving friends of the members. We have mostly been raking leaves. I am so glad that i don't have to rake leaves like this back in Utah. There are so many trees here. I cant believe this. Compared to Dallas this is a whole other state. 

I have been trying to get to know the ward. We had an activity with the youth last Wednesday were they pretended to be missionaries. Everyone liked it and had fun. They learned how to sew and iron. They had fake doors to knock and share their testimony and then we had a mini district meeting where we taught them how to use the scripture mysteries to help them teach and how to apply it to themselves. 

It was a good week here and thing are building up. Elder B*** and i are going to have fun.
Now I know what these elders do to blow off steam!  I'm glad I spent so much time over the years nagging Jesse to keep his room clean. I can tell from the video that it has all paid off :/
Awesome Sherman Elders

Transfer Day Pictures.  Saying goodbye to some great Elders!

Lunch Time!!!!

New Companion...Elder B***

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