Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 68 in Lufkin, Texas (3-2-15)

Hey Everyone. hope that you all had a great week. it has been crazy down here. the weather went from the 30's to the 60's in just a week. and i thought that Utah had crazy weather. on wensday we were the only missionaries that were aloud to drive. well us and another set in Nacadoches. the rest of the mission was in a couple of inches of snow. and were not aloud to leave the apartment. sad for them.

So at church we go to 2 sacrament meetings since we are covering a branch and a ward. and both of them talked about this dress. that is black and blue, but people see it as white and gold. we had no clue what that was. we had to have a member show it to us and explain. after the explanation we understood what they meant in the meeting. the speakers related it to the gospel and how we interpret the scriptures and how the apostasy came about. he also explained how grateful he was to have a prophet to clarify the things of importance so we didn't have to worry if that dress was blue and black or if it was white and gold. i thought that that was pretty cool.

we have had a lot of miracles this week. when we have had down time we go tracting and everyone knows how efficient that is. and he has blessed us with people to serve. one example is we started to knock some doors and about 2 minutes into it a truck with a moving trailer shows up and parks next to where we were at. we went over and offered to help and they accepted. which is an unusual thing. usually people don't accept. as we were helping he started to ask questions about our work and how long we had been out. it turns out that he had helped with scouts in another state and it was held at the LDS church. he also started family history. we let him know about the library here and he was exited to go. he wasn't interested to hear a message from us, but i would rather have good relation with one person rather than bug 100 and get nowhere. another seed was planted and a family was helped. 

our date for the 14 of march is so far still a go. he just has to quit smoking. we are working with him on that and it is going great so far. thank you for all your prayers and support. i love you all and hope that you all have a great week.
The aftermath of Elder B**** driving off the road to park and getting stuck. #chey4x4sucks

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