Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Week 63 in Sherman, TX (1-26-15)

hey whats up everyone? so some big news....... this week Russel M Nelson is coming to the mission on Friday. i am so exited to hear from him and the things that he will tell us. we have been trying to prepare by reading the entire Book of Mormon. i am a little behind on it. we are supposed to be in 3 Nephi somewhere but so far i am in Helaman. i want to catch up by then. there is also talk of us finally getting i pads. that would be a nice surprise for us.

we had an interesting experience this last week. a member took us out to Cici's for dinner. we got in there and we started to eat. It was an older couple that took us. the husband is not all there most of the time and we usually just talk to the wife. so as we are eating there is a guy sitting a couple tables down from us and there is no food on his table and he is just staring at us. he is completely sideways on his chair and just staring. we ignore him and we are having a nice conversation with our members. then this guy comes over and sits next to us and starts a conversation about what he has learned from the bible and other books that were taken out of the bible. he said something about Jesus being Jehovah. i tried to introduce the Book of Mormon and start something up with him and the husband decides to bear his testimony on the church being the true church and he only church. Then a battle starts between this guy and and the member. both of them are just saying random stuff. sometimes i got to wonder how some people add 2+2 and =7. so that went on for 30 min and we had to go so we just left. and to make the whole Cici's moment even more awkward is we were tracting just right before we got there. one of the homes we knocked into was a preacher. and guess where we see him. yep at Cici's. he also kept staring at us. that was a whole hour of awkwardness for us right then.

well have a great week.
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