Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week 69 in Lufkin, Texas (3-9-15)

Hey everyone. hope that y'all had a great week.
To start off. Funny story. we were leaving target and we decide to just contact a worker who was picking up trash on our way out from the store. Elder B**** asked her "excuse me, Are you enjoying the cold?" she looked surprised and responded "What!?!" Elder B**** repeated "are you enjoying the cold?" she took out an earphone and said "oh that is what you said, i thought that you said do you want to join our cult." ..........i am glad we represent the church well. we do as 3rd nephi 3:7. Join our Secret works.

We helped a Spanish member remodel his kitchen. We stripped wall paper, worst invention ever! and we helped his pregnant wife build a dog pen for their 3 Chihuahuas. they were just living on their porch, which is 3 feet from the ground and has no stairs.  We sprayed it off and bleached it. it looks soooooo much better now. the dogs just love their new spot. 

And on Saturday we are having a baptism. Ji***** is getting baptized. he is so exited for this. he went up and bore his testimony last Sunday on his baptism. 

On the sad side we had a really strong investigator drop us. She didn't really give us a reason why. she even had a date set out for this Saturday too. oh well that is how it goes. 

well i love you all and hope that you have a great week.

Lufkin District

Elder and Sister Donaldson
Youth Activity: Hungry, Hungry Hippos


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