Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Week 66 in Lufkin, Texas (2-16-15)

Holy Crap it has been warm here. it got up to 85 degrees here. Super strange in febuary. alot of people have been saying it is suposed to get really cold here. like below freesing in the next couple days. it is raining here so i hope that it doesnt freeze. well if it does we have a truck, #bestmissionvehicle, #chevycoloradoforlife. something like that. it has 55,000 miles on it and it will be retired soon. then we will get a chevy equinox.   

we have been having these mission wide initiatives. last month was the book of mormon and this month is family history. we have been encouraging all of our members to do the family history or to index. the cool thing that i found is that you can put memories on the family search and other pictures. the zone leaders want to hear cool stories about our ansestors so if you have any cool stories can you please send them in. thank you. 

this area is very service oriented. we try to serve everyone we meet and have a lot of service for non members and they have been asking alot of questions about us. so even if it doesnt turn into a actual teaching we are planting that seed and helping them understand more about the mormons. it has been a ton a raking leaves. i am really glad that the leaves are not that bad in utah. #golawnmower #rakingsucks. 

well i hope you all had a great valentines day and i hope that hashtags havent gone out of style yet. #missionlife
Old TV they scrounged up-doesn't work


Valentine Party


Elder B****

Jesse is always on the look out for awesome cars!

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