Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 47 in Sherman, Texas

this week was somewhat disappointing. we had a ton of people flake out on us. on Tuesday and Wednesday we had 5 lessons each day drop. it was pretty hard, but through all of the hard there was a speck of good. well a bit more than a speck. we set a baptismal date with an actually solid person. He went to general conference and has been reading on his own. it has been so amazing with him. it is set for November 8th. it will be the last Saturday in the transfer. and my companion is hoping to baptize one more person before he leaves.

Halloween is coming up and we wanted to take a picture somewhere scary. and off the side of the highway there is a abandoned orphanage from like the 30's or something. and we went a took a picture with it. it is all gated off and NO we didn't go inside. we were good missionaries and we stayed outside the fence. but it looks pretty freaky. that was probably the most exiting thing of the week besides the baptism date. 
we have had 2 rainy days this week and it dropped the temperature down to the 50's. i was wearing my jacket.  it is supposed to rain again to day and some members are telling us that there is a possibility of a tornado. cool. 

oh and one more thing that happened was my companion got his Trunky papers (his flight plan). he knows exactly when he will be going home and the exact time he lands in Jersey. that just blew his mind. we are still working hard but he keeps reminding me that he can count the number of weeks on his hands and that he knows how far away that plane is. 

also another thing. i got to see the meet the mormons movie. it was awesome. i loved all of the stories and it was so great. cant wait to see it again. i love you guys so much and hope that you all had a great week.

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