Monday, October 27, 2014

Week 49 in Sherman, TX

This week our ward did its fall festival. It was really fun. There is a member that owns a bunch of land and we went down there. He also has his pilots licence and a plane and a hanger in his property and a runway. He had a great idea, inspired by the Meet the Mormons movie he decided to do a candy bombing. It was really neat. Then there was a bonfire where the wood was stacked like ten feet tall. The ward had a good time and they invited a lot of their friends. We got to talk to them all. Nothing came from it but at least their friends got to see that we are not as weird and some would believe.

My area is huge. If you look on a map go to McKinney and right above their city limits we start our area. Then go through Van Austing up to Sherman go through Denison and keep on going through the Oklahoma border and go through Durrant and that is our area. We don't bike at all. 
There is going to be a pumpkin carving contest for the mission during Halloween because we are not aloud to go out that night, the mission will be having a big party instead. Wish me luck. 

Not much else is new. 
Thank you for all the support and have a great week.

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