Monday, November 3, 2014

Week 50 in Sherman, Texas

OK, so the Halloween party was kind of a bummer. first off it was in McKinney which is about 45 minutes away from here. then we get there and there and the zone leaders forgot to tell is that we needed to provide our own pumpkins. So no one was able to do the contest. We had to have a spiritual thought, which was good, but half of the zone decided that they had other plans and just didn't come. So there was only like 8 of us there and we just played volleyball. Earlier that day we had all of our planed appointments fall through and Sherman didn't have school that day so people started trick or treating really early this year and that means we couldn't go tracting. It was a good thing that the other elders in our area had the same thing happen to them. They live about a mile away from our apartment. My companion got a pinata for his birthday and never got the opportunity to break it. So we bought some candy and busted it up at the church. That had to have been the highlight of my week. He demolished that thing and candy went everywhere. We did it inside the church. We hung it up on the basketball hoop with a bunch of old ties from my companion. When the candy went flying some of it got stuck in the lights and up on the walls.

As for my investigators, not much has happened with them. They have all been really busy and we have had troubles getting an appointment with them. 

My companion has started his packing. He has a ton of boxes that he is sending home. So far he has only packed his books and he has 4 and a half large flat rate boxes full. There is still more stuff he has to send home. It is getting me a bit trunky. 

So i got my new camera. It is so awesome.  I love it. I am starting to think about Christmas and i have started shopping for you guys. Could you refill my account this week. There are already some items that i have picked out for you.

It is exciting to hear about Emilee coming home. Next week that will be my companion. I also want to take him out to dinner if i can. Just one last thing before he goes next week. 

Send me some pictures of your pumpkins. 

I love the costumes this year. No offense to Taylor, but the nacho one was my favorite one. 

I hope that you all had a great Halloween this year and hope that you will have a great week.

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