Sunday, October 27, 2013

Last Week in the MTC

     Wow I am almost done. Well with the MTC at least. 
     Here is my crazy story for the week. Our district has a goal to speak 100 percent Spanish during the day except during companion study and gym and in class when we are talking about holy things. If we do, we were promised by our teacher to receive the gift of tongues and that he would give us tacos. I have been doing pretty well. I am in the 90 percent for myself and I have hit that 100 percent in two days. This week, two days ago everyone got that 100 mark except for the hermanas and we kind of got upset. It has happened a couple times ago like last week we got 96 percent as a class and there was complaining but it stopped after that. Anyway, so two days ago we kept reminding them during the day to speak Spanish and everyone was doing it.  We decided to do a pre-class check on who did it. Everyone was 100 hundred except for the hermanas. So there was complaining and we were saying that we had one last try.  There was a lot of groaning (sorry for the spelling error these Spanish computers only have Spanish spelling check. and i am just a bad speller.) we would have just stopped at that but then one of the hermanas said are you doing this for the gift of tongues or are you doing this for the tacos. Then my district got really upset for what she said and there was even more yelling. Then she said that she won't even try now. Then she and her companion left the room. Then the district started complaining and they were right outside the door. So now they hate us. 
     We then went to TRC  and we taught other missionaries that were on their 6th week. Our teacher before hand told us that we need to be patient with them because they don't know Spanish. He said that they speak English even in their prayers. Then we taught them. I am glad that I have been speaking as much Spanish as I know because I can now see the blessings that I am receiving. Then after that, we went to class and we apologized and said that we would complete the goal tomorrow.  
     The next day rolls around and we are in the tienda and we see the hermanas speaking English and we told them to speak Spanish. They turned to us and said that hermano s****, our teacher, said that he is not aloud to give us tacos. Oh ya it is the good street tacos. Then they kept speaking English. wow. Then after that during class our teacher gave us a therapy session and we all apologized again. there is still contention between them and us but they are less contentious with me and elder m**** because we didn't say anything about them.
     Hermano S**** is trying to get his friend who is a girl to come on Saturday so we can teach her. If she does come it will be hard because she doesnt know English, she is not a mormom and she doesnt believe in God. He showed us her facebook page. Then he showed us his facebook page and then we looked at our facebook pages. BTW mom get on my facebook and friend C**** S**** . He gave us his email . D**** because that is his nick name and t**** because he loves britney spears and she sings a song called toxic. His girlfriends name is P****. She will be my first real investigator.
Well that is it for the week. As of right now I leave here on Monday at 8:30.
thank you,
Elder Jorgensen
Hermano S**** on the right

My Classroom
Class mates

New Haircut (I don't know how to rotate the pic sorry)

Signs that are in the Computer Lab at the MTC

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