Monday, October 28, 2013

1st day in Dallas Texas

We received this email stating Jesse has arrived safely in Dallas, Texas!

Dear Family:

This is just a short message to let you know that your missionary has arrived here in Dallas and is already busy working.

A large group of 22 missionaries arrived this morning, ate lunch on the way from the airport, and stopped at the Dallas Temple to take pictures.  From there they were in training all afternoon, and will spend the evening "finding".  They will stay the night in apartments near the mission office, and meet again in the morning for more training and to meet their first companion and trainer.  Before noon, they will be out working and learning their new area.

We are delighted to have such a good group of missionaries here in the Texas Dallas Mission.  You will receive a letter from the mission office in the mail later on telling you exactly where they are serving in their first area and who their companion is.  You will not hear from your missionary this week, but Monday is their preparation day and they will be able to email you and tell you about their first week in the mission.

Thank you for sending your missionary out.  We are anxious to get to know each of them.

With President and Sister Durrant at the Dallas, Texas Temple

The 22 missionaries who arrived with Jesse today.  The sister in the purple skirt, Sister M**** was in Jesse's 1st grade class.

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  1. Trent said he got to see Jesse on Halloween. They are in the same zone! And his trainer is a native.