Monday, November 4, 2013

1st week in Texas

     Wow! It was my first week in Texas. It is so much different than the MTC. The fist day here I did nothing but classes. Then all of the new missionaries slept at the zone leaders house. It was crazy because there were like 22 missionaries sleeping in one apartment. There were 5 bunk beds and the rest of the missionaries slept on the floor. It was crazy. Yes, I was one of them that slept on the floor.
     Then the next day we woke up and went to more classes. At about 12 I got my companion. His name is Elder P****. He is from California from Westminster city. He can speak fluent Spanish. After I met him we went to the mission office and picked up my bike. Then we drove to the apartment.
     The apartment is a mess. My companion said that he has never cleaned it up. It is really gross. Two days ago I finally did the dishes that were just sitting on the sink and I found mold on every one of the dishes. It stunk really bad. I put them in the dishwasher and washed them twice. Anyway back to my second day. After I got to the apartment I went to my first lesson. They cancelled so we went tracting and that went no where. We finally taught one house at 9:30. Then we took a missionary who is leaving that next day to his apartment. We didn't get back to my apartment until 11. That was a crazy day. Then the next couple of days went like this: woke up, studied, companion study, language study and then additional study. By then it is one and we start  appointments. Get home around 9:45 and then sleep. Most of the time we skip breakfast (because there are no clean dishes) and lunch (for the same reason)  I'm am grateful for the package my family sent me because if it were not for the stuff in there, i would have skipped dinner.
     We did have dinner appointments three times. The first time was my first day in the field. We had burritos at a members house. I was glad they were one white and 2 spoke English. The husband went on a mission to Puerto Rico and he married a girl he taught there. The food was good. For drink they had Brazilian lemonade (lemonade with condensed milk. it was really good) and for desert we had tremblaka.(it was a coconut pudding) that was really good. The other two dinner appointments were by native Mexicans and had authentic Mexican food there. It wasn't as good as the first appointment but it was still good.
     Sunday the meeting was all in Spanish and I could not understand a single word. Then we went out to appiontments with no luck at the doors.
     Oh, I almost forgot, on Halloween we were not allowed to go out after 5 so the zone had a party at a church and we watched The Other Side of Heaven. I like that movie.
     That was my first week. I hope that you all had a great Halloween.

Jesse is currently serving in the Carrolton 3 North area

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