Monday, November 25, 2013

November 25th...Week 4 in Carrollton, Texas

     Sorry for not sending you a letter last week. The amount of time I can write depends on how many people need to use the computers in the library. Last week there were a lot of people so I only had an hour to write.  Also I wanted to send pictures. These computers don't accept cameras with cords. They accept flash drives and my camera doesn't do flash drive memory. So I accidently deleted the letter and I didn't notice until today. There are less people here than last week so I will try to answer all of the questions.
    I really can't remember what happened last week so I hope my mom put my letter I sent to her on the blog. I just first want to say thanks you all of your letters and packages. This week was very slow. Not much happened. It did get cold. We were getting our oil changed and the news was on in the waiting room. It said that there was a cold front and expect the temperature to drop 30 to 40 degrees in the next hour or so. It was low 70s and now it is low 30s. I really never expected Texas to get this cold. 
     Other than that there was only one other thing that was worth writing about. It was either last week or two weeks ago I wrote about an investigator we visited and he told us about his car and how he likes to street race. Well last Saturday we went over there and we knock on his door. He came to the door and asked who is it? (i hate it when people do that. Why don't they just open the door and ask. He was not the first one to do that but the others who have done it don't say anything back and don't answer the door anyway) We said the missionaries. Then he opened the door. We went in and we sat down in his living room. He then told us that now is not a good time for us to teach but then he said that he wants to hear our message but he has to deal with a few things. Then he told us that his father in law was kidnapped and is being held randsome for 1 million dollars. He said that the money is not a problem because he loves his family and that he has 6 million dollars. He is also scared that they will come to him. He says that he has three guns by the door. He then stands up and goes and gets one. One little fact right now is that he is a little on the drunk side. He comes back with a handgun and his finger on the trigger. He is just waving it around and saying that he has that for his protection and that he will shoot those (insert cuss word)'s in the face if they try to come in. He then sits down and says this isn't a toy. He cocks it and sets it down on the arm rest next to me and tells us that he was in the air force and knows how to use it. He then told us that he has an automatic that will cut the door in half. I kind of wanted him to get it but I was kind of scared for my life. We left him with a little message and left. 
     I don't know if we have anywhere to go for Thanksgiving dinner. Tell Mikaela good luck with the turkey trot. What kind of meal is it (we told him that we sent him a boxed chicken, mashed potatoes. gravy and biscuits type meal for Thanksgiving if he doesn't have a dinner appointment)? I don't really trust at all my cooking supplies. If i do eat at home it is either a sandwich or soup. I keep all of the bread and all my food that has been opened in the fridge and I only trust the plates and bowls if i get them out of the dishwasher. I have killed about five cockroaches. It is disgusting. I found some inside the house bug killer and I used it around the baseboards and just in some of the cracks near the floorboards and my companion got mad at me because he says I am freaking out over bugs and to get used to it because Texas is filled with bugs. I used it as we were leaving the apartment too.
 I had sent him a picture of our Christmas tree in our last email.
     Wow it looks like everything is set up for Christmas. I thought that we would do that after Thanksgiving. It looks good. I have been preparing for Christmas too. Ever since I found eggnog at the store I have gotten it. I think that in the last four weeks here I have drunken over a gallon of eggnog. Also pringles has their holiday special chips. It is white chocolate and pecan pie. The pecan pie is alright but the white chocolate is really good. You should get some. 
     I hope that you have a fun thanksgiving. You asked what I want for Christmas and I will tell you to get me nothing. You have already done so much for me. I will try to push through the hard times but I want you to have fun. 
    Well have a good week. Love you very much. 

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