Saturday, November 16, 2013

Letter from Jesse!!

We got out 1st handwritten letter from Jesse this week!! We were so excited.  He tells us so much more in his letter than he does emailing.  I am definitely encouraging him to handwrite more :)

Dear Family,
    How has your week been going?  It has been pretty hard for me.  Here are some of the better experiences for you to know about.
     I met a drunk guy last week.  He was from one of the South American countries.  I can't remember right now.  He told us about his days in the army there and how bad it is down there.  Then he taought my companion how to protect himself if a guy tries to rob you.
     Another story:  My companion was reffered to a guy during his last companionship.  We have tried to visit him, but either he is not home or he said that he was busy.  We knocked one time and he answered.  We told him that we have a message to share and he said one minute and went into another room.  When he left we saw in the middle of his apartment just walking around a pigeon.  He came back and said that he doesn't want to hear what we have to say.  We said OK then asked him about the pigeon. He told us that he fixed its wing and now it won't go away.  In that same complex on a different night be got booted.  It is a gated apartment complex and there is no visitor parking.  So we had to pay $100 to get the boot off.  We split it 50/50.
     I am in a town named Carrollton.  My area goes up to an area called Little Elm.  We don't go up there much because it is a rich area.  Yesterday when we went up there, there is an investigator in one of the poorer areas of town. He hadn't been visited in a while and this was my first time meeting him. We parked and all the houses look run down except for one that looked pretty nice.  He was doing work in his yard.  He was sealing up cracks to his house.  He told us that he is busy, but he wanted to show us around.  He showed us the outide of his house and then we started to walk next door where it was just an empty lot with a big fence around it.  He told us to look thorough on e of the holes in the wooden fence.  There were 2 trucks and a mustang body.  He told us that one of the trucks is a 2009 Ford F-550 tow truck and that the mustang is a '68 fastback.  He wants to restore and race, but he hasn't had time yet.  He then told us that he loves to race his cars.  Theat is when I noticed a brandnew Camero SS in his driveway.  He told us that he races that car.  We asked him where and he told us some of his street tracks.  Then he brought tus to the house next to the lot and he told us that he wants that house and he has told the owner that he will pay $50 grand in cash for it.  He will go up to $60, but no more.  He then said good-bye and went back to work. We got back into the car and my companion told me that he is obviously not poor.  It kind of reminded me of The Fast and the Ferious there.
     Those are my stories for the week.  Tell me about what is happening there.
                 Love you all,
                        Elder Jorgensen
P.S.  Did you get my package
P.P.S.  Don't mock my spelling
P.P.S.  That is pretty funny
P.P.P.S.  hahahaha

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