Friday, November 22, 2013

Week 3 in Carrollton, Texas

No email from Jesse this week, but we did get a letter :)  Jesse and his companion are finding people who want to hear about the gospel, but they all turn out to be English speakers, so they can't teach them and have to give a referral to the English speaking missionaries in the area. He feels bad that he can't teach them :(

Dear Family,
     This week was really slow and not much has happened.  If I already told you this I'm sorry.  I met my first Jehovah Witness last week while tracting.  I thought it was goig to be like those horror storie I've heard about where it just goes into a big argument, but he was a really nice guy.  We told him that we believe that families can be together forever and he says that he believes the same thing.  Then he told us that he would like to research our church so we gave him the website.  Then he said he would like to hear more, but when his wife is not home.  We then gave his reference to the English missionaries.   I hope that everything goes well with him.
      Last Monday, we drove two elders to the church for sports.  They are on bikes and their area is farthest from the church.  They told us to make one stop on the way to a business called Project Sale.  One of their investigators works there and he told them that they could get name brand shoes for cheap.  We get to this big warehouse and go inside.  We met their investigator and he took us to the back with all of the shoes. The whole warehouse was filled with 3X3 foot boxes filled with shoes.  Then we just looked through the shoes and they were all brandnew.  They were selling all Nikes for $35 and most every other shoe for $25.  I tried looking for some Addias but they didn't have any.  I thought I was not going to buy anything, but then I found a really nice pair of Saconey.  It is not for running it is just a everyday shoe.  It looks nice.  I got it for $25.  The inside says sample not for resale.  One elder got a pair of bright orange Nikes and a pair of Under Armour.  The under armour pair is a basketball shoe with its symbol all over the shoe like a spider web.  The worker told us that the shoe was not sold in stores and just was a concept shoe made by Under Armour.  Later in the week I found out that one of the families I teach has a son who works there.  He told us that companies just donate their shoes to them and that really good marathon runner will only wear a pair of running shoes for oone race then they toss the shoes.  So Project Sole sets up a booth to take the shoes and wash them and sell those shoes in Bolivia.  But all the shoes they sold us say sample.  I just might get a new pair of running shoes from there.  I don't think Dad could get brand new shoes for $25.
     Well I think that that is it for my week except long drives to one dropped appointment to another.
           love you lots,
              Elder Jorgensen

P.S. Thank you for the box of greenie goodies.  They were good.

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