Thursday, December 5, 2013

Week 5 in Texas

     Jesse had told us that President D***** said that the mission is heavy on Spanish speaking Elders and there are not enough English speakers. This next transfer he will be sending Spanish speakers to English areas for a couple of months or just permanently.  This is something that Jesse would like to do because he feels that the language is just not coming along.  We told him we would support him either way.  Please keep him in your prayers this week.  We want him to be happy serving the Lord.  I know Jesse feels of all your love and support for him.  It gets him through the tough times.  

     Not much really happened this week. It was really slow. No one was really around and we spent most of our time on knocking doors.
     The weather got nicer. It is in the 60's. It is a lot better then it was when it was in the 30's.
     For thanksgiving we got to eat two dinners. One at a investigators house. We didn't even know that they were going to feed us. They told us to come by at 5 on Thursday and we did. Then they sat us down at the table and we ate a turkey dinner. Then we had one that was planned at 6 at a members house. We had a Mexican soup and then they gave us cheesecake. That was a lot to eat in that one day. other than that the rest of the week nothing happened.
      If you have something that you want to send me I would hold off until next week when I get to talk to you again.  It is transfers and i don't know if i am staying or not. They have also said that missionaries are really bad at sending a box to the right missionary after they are gone because it is something extra that they have to do and it just ends up sitting in the apartment until the last possible second.
Thank you for all your support.

Here is Jesse's Christmas Tree.  Thank you for sending messages to fill his tree :)

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