Monday, December 9, 2013

Week 6 in Texas

We were so happy to hear from Jesse today.  He seemed really upbeat and excited about his transfer this next week.  He is experiencing weather that is new him.  It was kind of exciting and weird, but I am sure it will get old really quick :)  Thank you for all your prayers in his behalf. He is truly being watched over and cared for by the Lord.

     Nothing really happened from Monday to Wednesday. On Thursday night, it was heavy rain and the temperature drooped 50 degree. When I woke up in the morning, there was an inch to two inches of ice on the ground. It was weird because it was white like snow, but all it was was a layer of ice. The grass froze straight up and the ice was on top and every time I took a step on the ice on the grass I could feel the ice sink but none of it was breaking. Even when i jumped it didn't break. So, we couldn't use the car for three days. Plus we have nothing to scrape the car off with.       
     Friday, the first day of ice, we went out tracting and knocked on one house and we talked with a guy for about 30 min. Then we got a text from the assistance to stay home. So we went home. The apartments that we were knocking were about a half mile from home. We get there and we played Monopoly. Then we get another call from the district leader and he said to knock the apartments around us for the day. We knocked on one and no one answered. Then we remembered that we had a dinner appointment at six at the E***** families house about 2 miles from the apartment. So we walked there and on the way there was this hill and there were three cars stuck on it. The first car almost made it but was still sliding back. The car behind was just tailgating and had to stop when the car in front got stuck and the third car got impatient of waiting at the bottom and tried to gun it and go around, but also got stuck where the second car was. All three of them were spinning their tires. We watched for a little bit, but then we got cold and hurried to the house. We got there at six and stayed there until nine.
     The next day was the same conditions, but it was colder with the wind. We went to some apartments about a mile away to knock doors then we got cold and we visited a less active. We talked for about half an hour and they invited us to dinner. We left and tried to go to an appointment next door to the house we ate dinner at the night before. Last night, we asked the sister that gave us dinner if she would go with us to the appointment. She said yes. So we went to her house first and we talked for about 2 hours with her family while she got ready. Then finally she was ready and we went to the house. With no one answering the door. (I don't like it when people say a time to come back and they are not home during that time.) So then we went back and ate dinner with the D***** family. By that time it was seven thirty and was too cold to do anything else so we went back to the apartment and played monopoly again.
     Then Sunday the roads were still bad so they cancelled church. We get a text from a lady named J**** telling us that she will be hosting a pioneer sacrament at her house. So we went there. She lives next to the E******. It was supposed to start at 11:30, but it didn't start until an hour later. We had to wait for the E******family. It lasted for two hours. It was cool. It was like an actual meeting. We had the sacrament and people gave talks including me. It was my first unexpected talk on my mission. After that we tried the neighbor again with no luck. Then we remembered we had to write a paper on how to be a successful missionary. So we studied at the E***** home until 5. Then J***** invited us over for dinner and we had dinner there.  We talked with her and her family until 11 and they gave us a ride home.
     Oh I almost forgot. On Friday I got a call to be transferred to Plano. It is an English speaking area. I leave on Tuesday. It is not to far from here. The area that I am in right now covers my new area.
I am really excited and ya I am happy to go to an English area. Hopefully I will be able to understand what people are saying.  I will be able to pick up the package tomorrow at the transfer meeting. 
      Oh, and guess what? I GOT MY BIKE PUT TOGETHER!
      I was really jealous of Mikaela this week. I have only ran twice since I have been here. Oh well, I think that Plano is a bike area so I will be able to get some endurance there. One thing that I forgot to mention to everyone is that we had a zone meeting and last month or the month before, they met some kind of goal that they had and President D***** gave everyone a signed autograph. He was not there at the meeting though. He signed some of them President D***** and some of them D***** D*****. I got one that said D***** D*****. How has your week been?
Well I hope that you all have a great week.

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