Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week 7 in Texas - Transfer to Plano, TX

We were so excited to get Jesse's letter this week and see him so excited and happy.  Thank you all for your prayers in his behalf.  Our prayers are truly answered!  Merry Christmas to all of you and we look forward to speaking with Jesse in a week.

hello everybody.
     Well as you know I got transferred to Plano and I love it here. The big changes are I am staying at a members house. There is dinner planned for most every knight.Ii can understand everything and not just pieces. We are on bikes and We tract more.
     I am staying with the M**** Family. They are a really nice older couple. Sister M**** is a ward missionary. Everyone around here thinks that their house is strange because it has a basement. I live on the second story. The house has a main floor, downstairs and a basement. Then it has a second and third story and it has an attic. We stay mostly to our room and it is way smaller than the apartment. We do have a mini fridge the only problem is that is our main fridge.
     Since it is a biking area we do bike a lot and it is really fun. The first two days we had to walk because there was still ice on the ground, but it warmed up and it rained so all the ice is melted.
     My companions name is Elder D****. He is a really awesome elder.
     The area is nice, we really only have one investigator right now. The rest of the time is spent tracting or doing service. We do service at three main places. One called Minies food pantry. ( the  people who run it say that sometime next year that they have a spot on Good Morning Amercia, but I don't know too much about that right now) Then we serve at a thrift shop called Support Your Troops. My first day the person who runs the thrift shop gave us each 25 dollar gift card for our service. Then they gave us a pair of brand new dress pants. Wow. I am so lucky! The third place is a senior center where we will call out BINGO. I haven't been there yet, it was supposed to be on Tuesday but that is the day i got transferred out here.  I am really glad that the weather warmed up. It is supposed to get into the 50's. 

My new Address is, 2608 stone creek drive Plano TX 75075
Oh I almost forgot I got chewed out by one of the families I visit because I said "you guys" instead of "ya'll". They really take it seriously out here. So I will talk to YA'LL  L8TR.

Shoes that he bought for $25

Ice storm in Carrollton TX

A nativity made out of bullet casings

Room in Plano Texas

Apartment in Carrollton, TX

Room in Carrollton, TX

Letters and pictures sent to him

 More pictures from his little cousins (Sorry don't know how to turn the picture)

High School Football stadium

At a ward Christmas Party

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