Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 73 in Lufkin, TX (4-6-15)

Conference was a blast. there were so many good talks. there is a ton that i could apply to the missionary work. there is a lot I could apply here in Lufkin. I loved how there was a focus on becoming one with others in faith.

Our focus here has changed dramatically in the last couple of weeks. We have changed from looking for investigators and finding to more member and less active work. That is why there has not been much to talk about. it has been great because our time has been filling up and we have become more productive. there has been a ton of success. The greatest amount of success is the type that cant be measured.

I hope that you all had an inspiring conference. I personally cant wait for the next ensign to come out so i can study the talks more. I can only suck in so much information at one time. 
Elder B*** loved the package you gave him. it really made his day, especially when he found the money. He went out and bought a socket set from harbor freight. He likes to collect tools and all that. it was really good for him too, because his parents don't send him too many packages. he said that he got one for Christmas and he was surprised to get a small one from his parents for this Easter. thank you for thinking about him.

oh and i hope that you didn't sign me up for the acting class. that was meant to be a joke. i was not serious at all.
hope that you had a great Easter.

Breakfast and Lunch.  So glad he is cooking!

Easter basket from the H****** family.  Jesse says they are spoiled by them :)

Easter package fun!

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