Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 76 in Lufkin, TX (4-27-15)

Transfer update.... I am staying and Elder B**** is leaving.

So the big thing this last week was the meeting in Gilmer. there we received black boxes for our car. It is not as bad as I thought it was going to be, but it is still super annoying. We have to sign in with a card every time. Oh well i don't have to deal with it much longer. then FREEDOM!!!!!!!!!! 

We had an open house for the church with the Spanish branch and no one we invited showed. oh well it happens. so we watched a couple of Mormon messages with the branch shared a message and ate pizza. It was like a big family party. 

At church we had a ward conference for the branch and the ward. During the Spanish branch sacrament there were actually more people there from the stake then there were people from the Spanish branch. We tried to do headphone translation, but the system didn't work, so we gave up. oh well it happens.  

This morning we woke up to crazy thunder. and lightning. at like 5. We watched it and listened to it until it died down and tried to go back to sleep. we woke up at like 7:30 because the power got knocked out. Someone knocked on the door and when I got up to answer it the floor was wet. I answered the door and the parking lot was flooded. Some cars were sunk. We have a ditch behind our apartment and it over filled. Luckly no damage was done to our beautiful truck. We went out and played in the water some and there was this lady that lives a couple of doors down from us and she kept trying to reassure us that she has informed her medicare and everything will be alright. and that it was just the ditch that overflowed and that she is going to sue the city for lack of flood preparation and that she has called and is calling her medicare to come take care of this. The apartment didn't entirely get flooded. It just got the carpet wet in the bedroom. Workers are draining the water now and they have big fans to help. 
Sorry i am keeping it short we have a lot to do today. We have to say goodbye to everyone and get laundry done and let Elder B***** pack. have a great week and i will let you know who i get.

Cool car picture



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