Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 74 in Lufkin, TX (4-13-15)

Sorry for another lame update. this week had been really slow.

One thing that did happen is that I gave a talk in the Spanish branch. We have to give talks at least once a month because the branch is so small. There are literally 4 families that make up the entire branch. I gave a talk on Jose A Pino's talk that he gave at conference about an eternal perspective. I think it went well. I also told the story of the dress that looks like it is different colors when it is really gold and white.

We are just starting trying to work with the members more and it has its slow beginnings, but it is picking up faster and faster. Hopefully we can keep up the momentum. 

We got a phone call from our zone  leaders a couple of days ago and they told us that the mission is going to be loosing about 100 missionaries by the summer. The mission is trying to prepare early for that by changing some of the boundaries to make them bigger and they are taking away 10 cars because there are less missionaries and they dropped our mile limit by 100. So they are now trying to force us to to member work. that is one way to get the job done. 

so with that call about taking away cars, they are already splitting up people and putting them in trio companionship. those suck. transfers are the 26th. there are 2 options of what is going to happen. 1 i stay for the rest of the mission and Elder B*** leaves for the rest of his mission. he only has two more transfers left. i would have left with him if i wasnt going to stay another 2 weeks. or 2 i could go somewhere for 2 transfers and two weeks. either way i am going to be put in a trio for the last two weeks. i am not looking forward for that. oh well at least i get the airport all to myself when i come home. hopefully.
This last Saturday we did service in this field for a member. There is this annoying weed that grows 5 feet tall is hallow and is covered in inch long thorns. So we had the job to cut them down. We had gloves and a machete. It was kind of like a video game. The weed is purplish and is super easy to cut down. It was like the challenge mode. Cut down all the weeds in the given time. It was fun being able to work outside.  Save some gardening for me. jk. 

Thank you for signing me up for the classes. i cant wait for school to start.
there is a zoo here that elder brower and i are planning on going to the last pday together. we are trying to save miles so we can do it. 

Well I hope that you all had a great week. my was pretty good. have a great week

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