Monday, May 11, 2015

Week 78 in Lufkin, Texas

Wow last week was a blast i had a great mothers day and i hope that you all had a great one too. well we woke up at 5 this morning to guess what more lightning and thunder. and we went to our porch and there was flooding. yay. i call it the Flood Part 2, it returns. the squeal was not as great as the original. it wasn't nearly as much water. it is still poring outside and there is a ton of lightning, but the creek behind our house has slowed down. there is not as much as water in it as there was before. the apartment maintenance crew came early today to check on the flooding, but nothing got into the apartment.

that was about the only exciting thing that happened this last week. We just have our normal appointments and stuff. M**** is still doing awesome. she learned about family history and is loving doing her genealogy. M**** our Spanish investigator. loves learning and she loves it when we come over, but she is being stubborn and keeps making excuses why she didn't come to church. oh well. 

Saturday we had a huge baby shower for one of the Spanish members here. she had sent out 100 invitations. we helped her eat the food and helped her clean up, then the Spanish branch a couple of hours later had a mothers day party. we made brownies. they had cooked menudo and it was pretty good. it is cow stomach soup.  

hope you all had a great week. bye
apartment after the flood

frog visitor

Frog visitor

Flood part 2


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