Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 75 in Lufkin, TX (4-20-15)

hey ya'll 
I had a pretty awesome week. Had a sweet new investigator named M***. she is awesome. We have had 4 lessons with her in the past week and a half and she is so awesome. She has so many questions and wants to understand everything. Last Sunday she came to church and they had a special meeting. They picked 6 speakers to give a short talk on their favorite hymn and then the congregation sang it. There were so many good testimonies and it was so spiritual. M*** had tears in the end. it was so amazing to be here for that.  She is also really friendly. 
This week is going to be a pretty busy week. there are so many things that are happening. So on Thursday we will have a big meeting in Gilmer. A very small town about 30 north of Longview, which is more than 2 hours away from us.  There we will be given black boxes for the cars. Which tracks everything that happens in the cars.. then on Sunday night we get our transfer calls. we don't know what will happen. We both have a 50/50 chance of leaving, and whoever stays will probably stay for the rest of the mission. It will be interesting to see what happens. 

well i hope that you all have a good week. 

Baby kitten

Wilson the Dog

Heading to meeting in Gilmer.  Was up at 4 am :/

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