Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Week 77 in Lufkin, TX

So super crazy week.

Monday the apartment flooded, when we went back to the apartment after we did our laundry the apartment people ripped out our padding and had 3 huge fans and a dehumidifier. We wanted to carpool for Dallas so we that night drove to Longview after Elder B**** had said goodbye to some families. We stayed in Longview so we could sleep in some. If we had stayed in Lufkin we would have had to wake up at 3:30ish now we were able to sleep in to 4:45. So I drove the entire way to Dallas. The little black box in our car annoys the crap out of me. If there is one thing that I will not miss, will be that little piece of plastic that has attached itself to our car and yells at me. We had to call the number so many times to wipe my record. clean. the speed limit stays at a constant 75 mph the entire way to Dallas and I stayed at like 72. There were semis passing me! and the stupid black box thinks that the speed limit changes to 60 in the middle of nowhere. All four of us in the car had to confirm that the sign we passed said 75. Then in Dallas, apparently, the speed limit has changed in the past 2-3 years and they haven't updated them yet. so the sign says 70 and the black box thinks that it is a 55. 

So Elder B***** got sent to the other far corner of the mission. Idabell in Oklaholma, on the Arkansas border, and I got Elder A**** from Pleasant Grove. He has been out 4 months or two transfers. He will most likely kill me off. fun fun fun. He is really great and we get along really well.

Then the drive back was nothing special. When we got home at 5 we opened our apartment and it was a mess. They decided to throw away all of our carpet and padding. So we have no carpet and we haven't organized our apartment because they will just mess it all up again. We are now living in the living room and our bedroom is full of our desks and other junk. Don't know quite when they will put new carpet in but it has defiantly been an adventure. Oh to add to the excitement, I am a district leader.

The work here is still going good. We have been keeping ourselves busy and all that. We had a service project this week. The storm this last Monday knocked over some trees at a members home, not on the members home and he lives in the middle of nowhere on 15 acres and a tree fell on the road that gets to his house and on a fence in his horse pasture. So he cut the wood and we put the pieces in a trailer. They have three horses 2 girls and a male. They have the male pinned up because he is being a little crazy with the girls. We opened up the fence to get through and the 2 girls were in the way so they let me guide the horse. I grabbed the rope and guided them away from the gate so the tractor could get through. Meanwhile the wife was getting the male horse out of the pin so he could run around. I was supposed to take the horse I had around the truck and lead them out of the pasture so the male could run around. As i was guiding the horse around the tractor the male got loose from the wife and headed strait for me and it was getting ready to be the alpha male. I got scared and let go of the horse and back off in a hurry and  the male started in. The girl kicked him and the male backed off for a second and the family told me to grab the female and hurry and lead it out of the pasture. I got it out and shut the gate right when the male was about to get out. I was scared for my life there for a second or two. We chopped the tree and got the fence kind of fixed. That was my story for the week. too bad i didn't get any pictures of it.
Wow 98 more days! That means i should get my trunky papers in about 60 days. that is crazy. someone asked my how long i have been out and i said that i have 3 months left and then i did the math about 19 months on the mission. I cant believe that. Crazy. So what i do for the planners is i take the black spyral off. i heat the end up with a lighter and it moves easy. I take it off and pick the pictures I want for the cover. I glue them on with a glue stick and cut off the extras. then i cut the spiral holes out of the picture. after I use the packing tape and tape over the cover and wrap it over on the other side just a little so the cover wont fall off. Then I take a metal hanger and heat up the pointy end on the stove and poke holes through the tape so the spiral can get through. Some people like to use stuff called contact paper instead of tape because with tape it leaves a line down the center. I have also heard of missionaries laminating them. There are some missionaries that have bought a small hole punch to punch the holes out all at once. You can make it however you want. I just want it to be trunky. Put picture of the family, put a countdown on it, write funny stuff in the note section, put pictures of girls inside in between pages on the spiral, pictures of temples. This is just something fun I want to do because I am going to keep my planners and I want these to be fun. 

SKYPE: it will be on Sunday of course at 3-4 o'clock our time so 2 to 3 your time. I cant wait!

New Companion, Elder A****
Apartment after the flood

Creek behind the apartment that had flooded during the storm

Jesse and Elder A**** Dinner at the Hendrickson's home and pictures with their cut out son who is serving in Brazil!

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