Monday, March 31, 2014

Week 20 in Farmers Branch, TX

One really special thing that happened to me this week was on Wednesday. Our whole day was crap. We had like no set appointments and the few we did have all cancelled. So the whole day was spent tracting. Then after dinner we went to new apartments that haven't been knocked yet. In 2 and a half hours we were able to get 7 lessons and return appointments on each one! Most of the return appointments were on Saturday. As we were going to eat dinner Elder S******* noticed that his back tire was flat. Then he found a staple in his tire we are about 3 miles away from our apartment. We took the staple out and tried to get the goo inside his tire to work. Then we pumped up the tire and we ate dinner. After dinner we noticed that his tire was flat again and we didn't have a patch kit on us. So we had three options: 1 walk to the appointments and leave our bikes locked up where we were, then walk the bikes home. 2 walk back to the apartment and fix the bikes and ride to the appointments. 3 call the elders with a car and have them drive us back to the apartment and grab the kit and drive back and fix the bikes. One thing I forgot to mention is that the appointments were 1 and a half miles away. So we decided to call the elders and have them drive us. We spent the next hour and a half trying to fix tire. We missed our appointments and we just tracted the rest of the night. No matter what we did we were going to miss the appointments either way.  
Well that was my exiting story for the week. 
How has your week been? I read your emails about Pine View. That sounded like fun. Have you gotten all the blood from Oscar cleaned up yet? Speaking of stains, most of mine on my shirt came out. I am referring to the putting the clothes in the same washer incident. All but four shirts came out ok, but it is ok because Elder W*****, Elder S******'s last companion left three brand new shirts still in the package. They fit me perfectly. So all in all it is only a loss of one shirt. So remember a couple of months ago when i said that my bike shifter broke on one side, well the other one decided to break too. This time it took the tubing that holds the wire with it. So my bike is either stuck on gear 2-7 OR 3-7 depending on what it feels like and that will need to be replaced. So if you could transfer about $150 from my savings to my checking so I can get that fixed? I will just have to replace the shifters and the wiring and the tubing. Other than that it has been working fine. Our apartment is at the top of a hill and everything is downhill from us. So my legs are getting a workout every time we head home.
Hope that you have a great week.
Pictures of Jesse's District in Plano, TX.  The tallest Elder is only an inch or so shorter than President D*****.  Jesse says it is hard to play basketball against him because he gets all the rebounds :)

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