Monday, March 10, 2014

Week 18 in Plano, TX

We found out this week that Jesse will be getting a new mission president in July.  His name is President T*****.  He too played basketball at BYU.  We joked with Jesse that apparently you need to be a BYU basketball player if you want to be a mission president latter in life.  Good thing he is practicing his mad basketball skill every Monday :)  We received this amazing letter/email from the Bishop in the P**** ward.  I love email!!!  What a blessing for all the missionary families!

      So this week I met my new companion, Elder S*****. He is awesome. He loves to work and we will do great this week. Elder S***** has been out for 14 months. The bishop is pushing us even further to get the 20 lessons a week.  He told us and the ward that if we need more lessons to call the ward members and have a surprise lesson with them.
     That is as much of the new president as i know.  The ward is going to be so different when I return.
     Everything is holding up pretty well.
     Grandpa's trip sounds fun. That would be cool to go to a baseball game. 
     Here is some pictures of the M***** cat. It is a long haired cat and they just shaved it.
    Get well soon.  I love you.  Hope that you guys had a great week.
love ya

 Letter from the Bishop

This evening we were honored to have your sons over to our
house. They were fulfilling their duty of helping each of the members
complete a family mission plan which is part of our Ward mission plan.
Tonight they taught seamlessly and bore fervent testimonies as they taught
us in our home. You should've seen them in action! We're thrilled to have
such prepared and hard-working Elders in the P**** 3rd Ward. This is a
reflection of their upbringing and what you have taught them over the years.
Thank you for preparing them to serve so valiantly in this part of the
Lord's vineyard.

I'm pleased to tell you that your missionary sons are in good health, happy
and working hard. As the bishop of this ward, I promise to keep your boys
busy and working hard. There is a great work to do here and we can't do it
without them. I'll keep an eye on Elder S**** & Elder Jorgensen to make
sure that they are eating well, in good health and being good boys :-).

Thanks again for preparing these fine missionaries to serve in the Dallas
Texas Mission, and specifically in the P**** 3rd Ward.

If there's anything we can do for you or for your missionaries, please don't
hesitate to ask.

Greetings from your Texas Saints

P. S. Here is a pic of our missionaries. BTW, they road their bikes in 38°
weather tonight. The Texas cold is closer than your dry cold. They are
showing that they are not afraid to work and get things done!

Last day with Elder D****

Jesse's new companion Elder S****

Jesse showing off the cats new haircut.

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