Monday, March 24, 2014

Week 19 in Farmers Branch, TX

 Jesse is in such high spirits and a long email this week!!!!!!  I am so grateful to Elder S***** for being so good to Jesse.  I talked to Elder S**** mom through facebook and out that Elder S***** was just made district leader at the last transfer (about 3 weeks ago).  He sounds like an amazing companion that will teach Jesse a lot :)
So as you all have heard I got called back to Carrollton and back into Spanish work.  My new companion is named Elder S*****. He has been out 9 months. He is a district leader here. The area is really nice. We have our own mini Mexico. There are 4 apartment complexes around here that are just filled with Hispanics. We have been able to teach a lot of lessons. The Spanish is hard but it is coming. I am on a bike. It is pretty nice to be in an apartment and a clean one at that. Me and Elder S***** get along really well. He lives in Orem and went to Timpanogas High School. He played baseball and football. He also likes to eat a lot. We went out to eat like 5 times this week. We went twice to Dickies. We still knock doors, but at least we will get into a door every once and a while. The hard part is coming back.
i haven't washed my whites yet. I bought bleach and I hope that it will all work out in the end. Last week i got the call at 8:00pm on a Sunday. So I threw everything in the wash at once and PUT IT ON COLD. We went and said goodbye to some people and I came back and the washing machine was stopped but it was completely full of water so I put it on a rinse and drain cycle and then threw into the dryer. With my clothes just soaked (this is where i think i messed up) then after the dryer I threw everything into my bag and left at 1 to come to Carrollton. I was just in such a hurry I didn't have time. One thing that the other Elder that left did was leave a bunch of stuff in the apartment. Some of which is 3 brand new shirts, not opened which saved my life.

 One funny thing that happened to us this week was that when we were knocking doors a little kid comes up to us and asks us who we are. ( this kid is like 6) we tell him that we are missionaries. he stares at us and says "are you bad guys?" :) We tell him no and then said that we share a message about Jesus Christ. We then pull out a card with a picture of Jesus on it and ask him if he knows who this guy is. He says God.  We say yep your right. Then he asks us "are you looking for him?" :) We tell him "no we found him and we share a message about him" He just stared at us for like ten seconds and just ran off. 
The weather has been pretty constant.  So now we get to email at a college across the street from our apartment. I think that I am going to get really fat and spend a lot of money here. I weigh 152 pounds right now. I was like 145 when I left. The sad thing is, is that it isn't the fattest I have been. I weighed more in tenth grade than I do now. Sad isn't it. Well I need to get used to it. I am in Texas, the fattest state in the country.

Well that's all for now folks. I will write you next week. Same bat time, same bat channel.

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