Monday, March 3, 2014

Week 17 in Plano,TX

There was an ice/snow storm that hit Jesse's area and confined all the missionaries to their homes.  Makes it hard for a transfer day as well as a p-day to get things done that need to be done.  Jesse is staying in Plano and will be getting a new companion.
     So everyone will be wondering about transfers. I am not getting transferred. Elder D**** my companion will though. He was going to D****, but last night at like 10:00 pm he got called and he is now going to P**** out east. P***** is in East Texas.  To go to East Texas you leave on Monday at 1:00. He has a ton of crap and he doesn't know how to fit it in his bags. So he was freaking out. Then to top it all off, the weather decided to snow and ice. So they now changed when they are going to East Texas to tomorrow. Which is a relief to him because he has more time to pack. It is crazy. Now my new companion is named Elder S**** (no i did not misspell his name).
     I really do miss track. Tell Mikaela to have fun. Also tell Mikaela not to wreck my car. I still want it when I return. I was not able to send a card to Grandma. I want to buy one today, but the mission said to stay in and not do anything today. Oh well, when I go shopping I will send her one.
     Skiing sounds like fun right now. It is the perfect temperature, 21 degrees. All I need now is four feet of snow and a pair of skis.  Well have fun skiing the next few weeks. Oh BTW could you also send me a small vile to hold oil. i don't have one and it would be kind of useful.  
          I hope that you had a great week. Love ya and stuff.

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