Monday, March 17, 2014

Week 18 Surprise Transfer back to Carrollton (Farmers Branch)

 Last night we received an email from a sweet sister in Plano expressing her love for Jesse and how sad their family will be to see him go.  Early this morning Bart received an email from the Bishop in the ward he was serving in expressing his gratitude for the work Jesse has done in the ward. We were touched by the loving thoughts expressed from these amazing members. We were shocked to hear that Jesse had an emergency transfer back to Carrollton and back to Spanish speaking.  I can't wait till next week to hopefully hear more about why the sudden change.  Please keep him in your prayers as he makes this change and is diving back into the Spanish language.  He is nervous about the switch back :)  Good news is he sent lots of photos of those he was leaving!

Big news. I got transferred back to Carrollton back to the 3rd ward back to Spanish. I am leaving Elder S**** just when I got used to him. We had a goal to teach 20 lessons this week and as soon as we hit the goal, the assistant called and said that I am going to be transferred. I am really sad that I don't have much time to say goodbye to the people here. I don't know whether to be happy or sad. I am more sad. I am leaving a great area, with great missionaries, and great people and a great ward. My mom will be happy (not about the transfers) I took a ton of pictures of everything and everyone. I am leaving at 1:00 so I won't be able to go the the all you can eat Chinese Restaurant today. I will miss that tradition. My new area is a bike area so i don't even have the car privileges.
One fun thing I did was knock in the rain two days ago. It was a complete downpour and we got splashed by a couple of cars pretty good. 
well you guys have a great week. 


Elder Jorgensen
Missionaries on p-day

I don't know what he is doing :)

Just a few of the amazing families that Jesse just loves :)

First time trying Greek food....loved it!
Action shot...Teaching the Gospel

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