Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 32 in Farmer's Branch, TX

This week was kind of like the rest. I did go on exchanges this week, twice. Once with Elder N in my old area and the other was with the zone leaders. I went English and we knocked mansions over in Coppel.  There I noticed that I am only about 10 miles from the Dallas Fort Worth airport from my apartment. So close, but so far away- right. Well over in Coppel one of the members there fed us and it was taco salad. I haven't have had any problems with Mexican food yet until this. I think it is because it is American Mexican food. Anyway on one of the doors we were knocking I accidentally let out a fart.  We were about to leave when the door answered and a lady answered. We told her who we were and asked her if she would be willing. We could tell that the smell didn't hit her at first but as soon as she could smell she backed away. and i felt so embarrassed.
On a more spiritual note we did have an investigator and her family at church yesterday. We had to find them a ride to get there, but she was so exited to be there. A lot of people went and said hi and I know that she will be baptized. I am looking for a second baptism. 
So one bad thing that happened was my good watch broke. The one you gave me. I woke up and the face was cracked and the crack is getting bigger and bigger. Can I repair it?   It is still working but the glass is cracked.
Well I hope that your weeks went good.

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