Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week 34 in Mesquite, TX

Before I forget here is my new address: 2821 Franklin drive, Mesquite Texas 75150.
OK this week was great and I love my new companion and I love my new ward and I love my new apartment. First off, yesterday I got to go see the baptism of another investigator. Her name is F and her daughter J got baptized as well. It was so cool. After the Baptism, F bore her testimony and it was soooooo strong. She was crying and the spirit was sooooooo strong there. It is cool because I got to see the whole teaching process with her. I found her and taught her and got to see her be baptized. It was a great experience.
This area is so great. Last transfer they had 3 baptisms in an english ward!  Crazy right. So right now we are in teaching recent converts and finding mode. We do have one solid investigator named M. her husband is a member and she is Catholic. I have had one lesson with her and we taught the Plan of Salvation. She said that it made sense. Then after the lesson we asked her how she thought that she would recieve an answer to her prayers and she believed that it would come from a sign not from a good feeling. So we thought that it would be a while before she said yes. Then the next day we get a 9 page text from her. Usually that means that they are dropping us, but it said that she got her answer. She said that at 4 am she was going home from work and she had parked her car at the 4 story below ground parking lot and as she was comming up she saw a butterfly land on her windshield and ride with her until it reached freedom outside. As it flew away a picture of Jesus popped into her head and there she knew that the church was true. Awesome Right.
So now I am done with the spiritual side of my week. Let me tell you about the funny stuff. First my new apartment has a washer and a dryer so I dont have to spend money at the laundry mat. Also we found a recliner in the dumpster and we cleaned it up and it looks great and feels great in our apartment. My new companion Elder H is so great. We get along really well. On Friday was free Chick fulay or however you spell it. A member made us cow shirts and we got free chick ful ay.
So we did teach a lesson in Spanish last week and here is what happened. We taught the atonement of Jesus using a couple of pennies and some ketchup. We put the dirty pennies in the catchup and they turn clean. One thing I try to do while speaking spanish is try to change my accent to sound better. Here is what I said in spanish. all you spannish speakers will laugh. I said. vamos a poner estos penes en el catchup. los penes representa nosotros y el catchup representa el sangre de cristo. e el sangre de cristo va a limpiar nuestro penes. so in spanish a penny is penny. and i said pene (pen-A) which is penis. So I said in english that the penis is us and we will put the penis in the catchup or the blood of Christ and our penis will be clean. The Hermana there caught me right there and had to correct me. it was soooooooooooo embarrassing.
That is sad that Cookie grandpa died. The kids will all miss him at church. 
I am exited for Mikaela at camp I hope that she does well. I know that she will have a blast though. Who is all going that I know? 
That is amazing how good Taylor did coming off of a sickness. 

The bible has a lot of cool stuff in it doesn't it. You just have to know how to interpret it. That is why i am soooooooooooo glad that we have a prophet on the earth. If we didn't have him we would be just as confused as the rest of the world. I am also grateful for the Book of Mormon and how plain it is. I have found that all I need to teach is the Book of Mormon. I have stopped carrying the bible around. People know about the bible, but if you want them to learn the message of the bible you need the Book of Mormon to explain it. If someone is not going to except the Book of Mormon and the Spirit that it brings they won't except our message. But once you have that solid foundation with the Book of Mormon, the Bible makes so much more sense. 

I am glad that you are doing well in your class though. love you so much.
That was my week so far. I hope that yours was as great as mine.

Love you all.


Free Chick-Fil-A night

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