Monday, July 7, 2014

Week 33 in Farmers Branch, TX


Yes i got transferred to Mesquite. It was at one point a Spanish mission, but it changed to English. I AM NEVER GOING TO LEARN SPANISH. My new companion is named Elder H.

This is what I am leaving here that is new. We finally got furniture in our apartment and a whiteboard. We printed out a map of our area and put that on the wall. We just got a blender. And I am leaving a golden investigator. Her name is F. She is from Honduras and has only been here 4 months. She has accepted everything and she had already been following all of the laws such as tithing, fasting, and sabbath day (not with our church but that changed as soon as we met her.) We met her 2 weeks ago and she is ready to be baptized this Sunday. We had planned for the baptism to be in three Sundays, but we moved it closer because she is that ready. I will be able to go back Sunday for the baptism

The other exiting thing this week is that I got into an argument with a drunk Mexican. We knocked the door and as he came to it and let out a series of colorful words and then said in English "Well if you are going to teach me, I will teach you." I replied back "We are missionaries and you are drunk, I will give you a card and call us when you are sober." He called me a chicken and I said that I am not going to teach a drunk guy because you won't remember anything. He called me a chicken again and I told him that Jesus can help you with this problem, but you have to sober up first. Then we left with him calling us chicken. He didn't even accept my card. Oh well.  Hopefully my spirit touched him enough to change. 

Here is a selfie of me and some pictures of the cool members in my area. This is the R. Family and this is their dog Susuki. And this is M A. He is the one that baptized F. He works at a supplement factory and makes work out power that is illegal to sell in the US. It is sold in Australia. He gave me a bottle of pre-workout power for free. Don't worry this is the legal stuff, i think.
Oh and i don't know if i have showed this to you yet, but I make planner covers for my planners. Here is mine right now. One more cool thing is that while we were tracting my companion found a 50 dollar bill on the ground and I traded the iPod that elder W left for the 50. With it I bought a better mp3 player, because the one that i had won't let me put music on it. It is just a cheep MP3 but it is smaller than the CD player. 

 One last thing: I have been getting a lot of emails asking me about the weather. I will respond with this. The fires of hell are nothing compared to this. Just kidding. But seriously it is hot here. I have not sweated this much ever in my life. It is a good thing Hispanics are nice and offer you water when they reject you. But I am going to English. So I hope that my area is a car. 

Love you all and have a great week.
Jesse and M.A.

Planner cover

Jesse and Susuki

R. Family


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