Monday, July 28, 2014

Week 36 in Mesquite, Texas

Wow so this week was fun. To start out we started teaching a girl named S. She has a couple friends in the church and she comes almost every week and wants to get baptized. Elder H started teaching her and her husband last transfer but her and her husband work alot. so they never had time to have the lessons, but S. wants to be baptized so bad she wants us to come over and teach her while her husband works because he works forever. the husband wants to be there but he is always working. we taught S. twice this week and the second time we taught her we taught her  the gospel of Jesus Christ and at the end she asked us "so how many more lessons before my baptism?" we told her the lessons she has left and she said "we have time, teach me more." so we went over tithing, word of wisdom and chastity. That took about 5 minutes. After she let us go outside and see her horses and miniature horses and chickens and bunnies.
Next, one of the bishops counselors had a cool story. So while he was at work his Secretary gave him his mail and in the mail was an Ensign and she asked him "I didn't know that you were LDS" and he said yes and asked her how she knows about the church. she replied "my daughter is LDS and so is her husband." she has even fed the missionaries before. her daughter is really less active but we had a lesson with them and they were really exited to come to church again. They couldnt come this week because of work but they said that they will come next week for sure.
Next story. So while we were knocking doors we knock into this lady named C. She answered the door and shouted "oh wow its the missionaries, it is sooooooo good to meet you! I have a friend who is mormon and she served a mission in canada. i love her. Tell me about Joseph Smith. i have heard the story but i dont remember it." WOW. we started to tell her but she cut us off mid sentence and said "thats amazing. i have a friend her name is L. she lives over there and she is 95. lets go over there. she will love you guys!" so we went over and C knocked on the door and L answered and said hi. C introduced us and said that we have a message to share. L said no thank you because she had another guest trying to sell her some electricity plan. C said thats ok we will be quick and pushed us through the door. we sat down and C started to talk to L and C just kept talking and talking. the salesperson decided to come back another time. so an hour later we finally finished a lesson with them and they were not interested. but we had another appointment so we left them with our phone number and left. two days later we were knocking and we started on a street thinking that it was a diffrent street. but lo and behold guess who we found, C. it was the same street. she started talking to us. and then she told us about another person she knows who is mormon who lives down the street and said that we should visit her. she said that she would call them. so we headed over to the house and we knocked. a lady named L answered and we intorduced ourselves. she told us that she was baptized in mexico and she hasnt been to church in a while because of her husband. she then told us that most of her family is inactive except for her brother who lives in "FARMERS BRANCH". i asked her who it was and it turns out it was the cool gospel principles teacher. wow right small world. she was more open after that and we gave her as a refreral to the spanish elders. amazing right.
Another thing we did was help one of the spanish members with her Ice cream  shop that she just opened. we helped her with the Grand opening. brought costumes and gave them to us. and said to stand out front and wave. she had Micky mouse and Mini and Elmo. so we fliped coins to see who would be who. Elder M a 6 foot 5 200 pound Polynesian got Elmo, Elder H got Mickey and I was stuck with Mini. so that was fun. it was about 100 degrees outside and i was drenched afterward. it was fun though. all the little kids were scared of Elmo because he was a giant. it was so funny.
hope you had a great week.

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