Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week 24 in Farmers Branch, TX

I heard you guys have had some crazy weather up there in Utah. On Saturday and Sunday they had a heavy tornado warning and a hail warning. Nothing Happened. There were more crazy lightning storms though. It is crazy because the storms are all in one cloud and the rest of the sky is clear.
Cool Story: last p-day as we were leaving the church after playing sports these two guys come to the church door. They looked just older than us. We opened the door and they told us that they have a girlfriend who is mormon and wanted to know about the church. We got exited and led them into a class room to help teach them. They had some questions and we started to explain the restoration to them. Then one of them just starts asking all sorts of questions. (Note: they both said that they don't know much about the Bible.) Then he just starts going off of scriptures and wants us to explain. Then he started asking about the three kingdoms and what they are and other stuff like that. We try to explain and he is hearing but not listening. We were there for two hours talking to this guy and his friend is just sitting in the chair next to him quietly trying to end the conversation. We had tried to end a couple of times but every time another question would be asked. After all that happened they wouldn't accept a book of mormon and we just left our number with them and they left. The one who wanted to leave, because he was apparently suposed to be babysitting, seemed pretty interested and actually listened. He was also the one who said "his friend is mormon and he wanted to learn more." the other guy just wanted to tear apart everything we taught.   We have two theories of why they were there. 1. we believe that one of them took a Mormon bashing class in college and wanted to show off to his friend. 2. the guy that really wanted to leave, actually had a friend and genuine intrest to learn more but his friend (who we believe took a Mormon Bashing class in College) didn't want him to be sucked into being a mormon and came to "speak the truth".
Anyway after all that we didn't have a ride. There were two other missionaries with us when they came in and those missionaries called someone to give all four of us a ride home (these other missionaries are english) but the ride came right at the beginning of us teaching these two guys and the other missionaries left! They left two spanish missionaries to teach a possible English investigator. So we had to find another ride. It is funny because my companion and I are the only missionaries in the district who ride a bike and our area is the farthest from the church.
We Did Have an investigator come to church yesterday. it was so exiting. we have been teaching them for forever. Elder S***** started teaching them in January. They are the D***** Family. We have a baptism date. We are hopeing that they get baptized.

P.S. yes, i have almost eaten all of the Easter candy. I am on the cookies you sent me.
Well that is it for the week. Hope that your week was great.

Pictures of a lightening storm

New Haircut

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