Monday, April 14, 2014

Week 22 in Farmers Branch, TX

OK, so I know that you all are dying to hear what happened with the tree indecent so here it is:
 Two p-days ago we went to see a potential investigator in an apartment complex. She was not there so we were leaving to go to another potential appointment. This is like at 7. As we are leaving my companion sees some Mexican kids throwing a football around wrong so he wanted to show them how to throw it correctly. He threw it around a couple of times and then he said on the last throw he was going to throw it really high. It came down and no one caught it and the kids were begging him to throw it one more time so he did and as it was coming down it lands into  a tree and it got stuck. All the kids are mad at him and telling him that he needs to buy a new ball. He told them that he would get it down. Just then another Mexican kid comes around the corner with a soccer ball. My companion thought that he could hit the football out of the tree with that. and guess what? It gets stuck into the tree. Great and what does he do then? He tells me to go into the tree and shake.  I do it. The tree is a Y shape and was hard to get to that spot to shake the tree. So right now I am 15 feet above the ground shaking the tree. It still wont fall. At this point there are Hispanic moms setting up chairs on their balcony and laughing at us (mainly at me) and taking video of us and posting it on face book. Now at this point another Mexican kid comes with a baseball and Elder S*****, who played baseball and was on the all star Utah team, thought that he could throw it and hit the balls out. He goes onto the balcony of the apartment and starts throwing the ball.  He can't hit it and he is ten feet from the ball. Everyone is laughing at us.  15+ throws later you can guess what happens..... the baseball gets stuck. I am still in the tree. So he tells me to get down and i can't. At this point I am stuck. So he climbs the tree and helps me down and he tries to shake the tree. Still nothing. So he goes a bit farther and is standing on a branch and holding onto another branch.  He is jumping up and down to shake the tree and the baseball is shaken free. He goes a bit farther and is shaking the tree like crazy. The branches are literally swaying 5 feet both directions and the football falls free, but the soccer ball is still stuck. He walks out the the very edge of the tree and has to pick up the ball and throw it down. But that isn't all because he can't get down now. I have to climb back up the tree and help him down. Then I get down.  At this time it is 9:00 o'clock.  We head home totally exhausted. I was terrified. I don't know why I agreed to go up there. I am so glad I was able to get down.
Now this week, we were shooting for 77 hours and after p-day we were shooting for 75 hours.  We would have made it too, if it were not for the fact that we had no investigators to church and we couldn't count that as line in the water time.  After a long week we still did 70 hours this week and we found 9 new people to teach. So it was really great. 

Also this week was the first week I was chased by a dog. We rode by this ally and this big black dog just comes sprinting at us. We were able to out run it and we were safe. Then the next day, another dog starts chasing us as we were heading back home.  Once again we were able to out run it. 

oh BWT i am staying here another transfer.

It is good to hear that the team is still doing good. Do you think that the girls will take state again? Maybe not because they are in 5A.  I love Garlick. He is funny. How is Haag doing as the head coach?  Tell the girls team good luck.  It is cool that Mikaela won a medal. 
There is a less active family we are working with and they have a dog that looks exactly like Oscar except it is brown. 
I got my bike fixed and it works like a charm. i had to borrow another missionaries bike for the day while mine was getting fixed and it was a piece of junk. He got it free from another missionary who is home right now and he thrashed it. The brakes are shot in the back so I couldn't use those and the front breaks barely worked. The missionary doesn't want to pay to fix it because is is getting Elder W***** new bike (my companions last companion who went home) he spent 700 dollars on this bike and just left it. The bike he left was a Dimondback he spent extra money to get a net racing seat and hydrologic breaks and he just left it here. I rode it once earlier in the transfer. It is so uncomfortable, but i am so happy my bike is fixed.
and that was my week.

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  1. OH my gosh! I'm in tears about the tree story! This is hilarious! I love keeping up with his blog! It was so great to see him last weekend at the Gladys Knight concert. He's got the best smile!!